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Catchpoint Cares

We’re beyond proud to introduce Catchpoint Cares, a company initiative dedicated to empowering stakeholders to lead positive change in our communities.

We’re beyond proud to introduce Catchpoint Cares, a company initiative dedicated to empowering Catchpoint employees, partners, and customers to lead positive change in our communities. We aim to do this through an ongoing effort to provide opportunities and support endeavors that advance education, improve our environment, strengthen communities, promote diversity, and better the lives of those less fortunate.

How will we be doing this?

We will continue to organize volunteer and inclusion programs for our employees, customers, and partners, encourage individual community service through our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program, make continued donations to charitable organizations, and provide special discounts to non-profit, educational, and governmental organizations.

Catchpoint in the Community – Sound the Alarm with Red Cross

Fire analogies are part of the IT/Ops nomenclature. “Fighting a fire” means dealing with an issue (also a common excuse to avoid salespeople). On-call engineers are often called firefighters for this reason.

At Catchpoint, we liken our tool to a fire alarm that tells you exactly when, where, why, and how the fire started. It was only natural we jumped at a Red Cross volunteer opportunity called Sound the Alarm to install fire alarms in low-income, at-risk NYC housing.

On Saturday, April 28, more than a dozen Catchpointers ventured into the Bronx and went door-to-door installing alarms and educating folks on fire prevention tips. Our group worked with other Red Cross volunteers to install over 100 alarms in apartments (often with small children) and had a blast doing it.

We’re honored to contribute to this amazing initiative that has installed over a million alarms and saved 416 lives. You can read more about the program here.

SRE Survey for Charity

Here’s a crazy idea: take 100% of your budget for a marketing program and give it directly to charity. That’s exactly what we did for the SRE survey, promising to donate $5 per submission to three wonderful organizations: Jimmy V Foundation,, and Black Girls Code. Read more about their missions here.

Here’s why it worked:

While best known for their technology chops, the web performance industry is full of great people. The overwhelmingly positive feedback the survey received was mostly centered on the charities and donations. Due to big hearts, SREs were more likely to take and share the survey.

Our goal was 600 takers, but we wanted to get a jump on the analysis, so we ended the survey and donated the full $3000.

To all 416 SREs who took the survey…THANK YOU!

Upcoming events

We will be partnering with Holy Apostle Soup Kitchen and doing a variety of events with NY Cares. If you or your company wants to get involved with Catchpoint Cares, please reach out to Eva Bose Chatterton (, who will coordinate with you.

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