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Is Your APM Strategy Broken: Closing the EUM Gap

From this article you will learn how to monitor the end-user experience as part of overall APM strategy

As the modern application landscape has exploded alongside the Internet over the last two decades, so have the tools to monitor and manage the performance and availability of those applications. But all of the advancements in application, server, database, and network monitoring don’t mean that much without visibility into what the end user is actually experiencing.

A recent Gartner survey concluded that end-user experience monitoring is the most critical dimension of application performance management. That mapped to what survey respondents said was the most important product feature of APM: enhancing customer experience quality.

So how do you monitor the end-user experience as part of your overall APM strategy? Gartner survey respondents preferred best-of-breed tools. But it takes more than tools. Closing the end-user experience gap and giving your customers the amazing experiences that will keep them coming back to buy more products or consume more content requires visibility into everything that affects the end-user experience.

Your web applications live in a complex world, navigating multiple layers of DNS servers, first- and third-party web hosts, advertising, social media and personalization tags, APIs, content delivery networks, and more. Delivering content can be challenging enough; completing multi-step transactions ups the ante even more. The proliferation of devices that customers use to access applications, including smartphones and tablets, places even more emphasis on the end-user experience.

To learn more about how traditional APM tools may fall short in this critical area, download our new newsletter, “Closing the End User Experience Gap in APM.” We’ll walk you through the tools and best practices needed to monitor end-user experience and show you examples of what can go wrong as your applications navigate the complexities of the modern Internet. As an added bonus, you’ll get the full Gartner report “Survey Analysis: End User Experience Monitoring is the Critical Dimension for Enterprise APM Customers.”

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