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Catchpoint Alert Integration with AlertOps

In order to deliver your best performance, you need to be alerted when issues occur. Catchpoint is now integrated with the alert platform AlertOps.

One of our most requested integrations at Catchpoint is for alerting. Catchpoint, of course, generates its own alerts when a performance degradation is detected. Integration with an alerting platform allows you to cluster these alerts with alerts generated by your other monitoring systems into incidents. You can then route those incidents to the people who are best able to respond to them and through the right channel—phone, email, chat, Hipchat, Slack, etc.

A sound alerting strategy can help you to lower alert fatigue, reduce mean time to resolution and with analytics prevent incidents from occurring in the first place. So it’s in this spirit that were pleased to announce our latest integration, with AlertOps.

The Catchpoint Alert Push API now allows you to easily send custom alerts to the AlertOps Platform. This integration allows you to automatically open and close alerts sent from Catchpoint. AlertOps has many features to make your incident management life easier: multi-modal communication, teams with on-call schedules, customizable message routing rules, customizable workflows and escalations, SLA-based severity management, and much more.

To integrate your Catchpoint alerts with AlertOps, just follow these simple steps:

  • For details on creating AlertOps Mapping Rules please see –
  • Login to the Catchpoint Portal and go to Settings -> API
  • In the Alerts API section paste in the AlertOps Catchpoint REST API URL (do not forget to edit the one provided and include the AlertOps API Key
  • The Alert format you need to choose is Template. Click Add New and you will be taken to the Edit Template window.
  • Give the Template a name and set the Format to JSON.
  • The JSON string can include Catchpoint Alert API Macros that will allow you to customise the Alert content. A full list of the Alert API Macrs can be found at

The following template, is recommended and certified by AlertOps.


“IncidentSourceName”:”Catchpoint – ${productId}”,

“IncidentSubject”:”${ProductName} – ${TestName}”,





“IncidentShortText”:”${TestName} – ${switch(${notificationLevelId},’0′,’WARNING’,’1′,’CRITICAL’,’3′,’OK’)}”,


  • Save your template and Save the API configuration.
  • If you have any alerts configured on your tests you will now see Catchpoint Alerts in the AlertOps Portal.
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