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Introducing AirOps: The Internet of Flying Things

With this latest product, Catchpoint won't just change the monitoring industry, we'll change the world. Because when we say 'Monitor Everything,' we mean it

Since Catchpoint was founded, we’ve seen where all of this was headed. You may have seen our slogan “Monitor Everything” on the homepage. Well, we meant it.

We started with web monitoring because the internet is the foundation for most modern technological achievements, and its pervasiveness throughout our lives made it clear that the ultimate destination was the much-ballyhooed ‘Internet of Things.’ Moreover, since there are always going to be new things to monitor and predicting what will be next is next to impossible, the most efficient way to do this is through our new initiative: AirOps – The Internet of Flying Things (IoFT).

Drone technology, even in its infant stages, has already made our world a significantly different place than it was just a few years ago. Now the drones are infants no longer. Before your first Amazon package gets delivered by a drone to your door, Catchpoint allows you to use them to directly monitor every single object and space in your life: every person, appliance, pet, room, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse, and doghouse. Finally, you will truly be able to Monitor Everything.

Powered by Catchpoint’s widely distributed transactional engine and API, AirOps is the first of its kind in business automation, home automation, and the Internet of Flying Things. Let AirOps perform basic monitoring and reporting tasks around the home or office and take immediate action right from the companion app. Don’t be limited by time, location or presence anymore; AirOps does the work for you.

AirOps Drone Diagram

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect the companion app to business, social, ecommerce, and IoT accounts
  2. Let the drone learn the environment
  3. Put the drone in every room of the business or house. The drone’s 360⁰ camera will take a picture and build a navigation map of the building. Drone will also attach to various Bluetooth and Wifi connected devices in each room.
  4. Send Drone on reporting task. Drone reports the results back to you
  5. Take action right from the app based on the results.

For a full breakdown of details, access the product page here.

The beauty of AirOps is that it allows you to automate ANYTHING; the drone ensures that you don’t have to be present. Think an employee is spending too much time on Facebook? AirOps is on it. Want to know what’s going with the actual cloud? AirOps is on it. Wondering if you have milk in the fridge or if you’ll need to stop at the store on your way home? AirOps is on it – and the drone can even order and pick it up direcly, saving you the trip.

“It feels like I have 48 hours in the day,” said one of our beta testers at Popular Drone Mechanics. “I can get things done at home while I’m still at work. And another tester at GigaDRONE wholeheartedly concurs: “Long live IoFT – the frothy purple unicorn of disruptive technology!”

We have several thousand drones ready to be shipped, but demand is anticipated to be very high (after all, who isn’t going to want this, besides people who still foolishly believe in a right to privacy?), so act now in order to join the IoFT revolution!

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