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How two Fortune 100 Companies are using DEM to Advance Employee Experience and Customer Experience

Two IT teams within two Fortune 100 companies have worked with Catchpoint to improve employee experience and as a result, customer experience.

This is the last in our three-part series on digital experience monitoring (DEM) as the intersection point for IT, customer experience (CX), and employee experience (EX) teams (read the first and second post here). The neutral, actionable data that DEM provides can give CX and EX teams invaluable end-to-end visibility into end-user experience. Here, we look at the journey of two IT teams within two Fortune 100 companies that have worked with Catchpoint to dramatically improve employee experience, and as a result, customer experience.

Fortune 100 Industrial Supply Company Improves Employee Experience

Let’s look first at a Fortune 100 industrial supply company, a Catchpoint customer that was experiencing performance issues with mission-critical SaaS applications that its employees were using to directly deliver customer services. The company turned to Catchpoint to implement an Employee Experience Monitoring strategy and gain visibility into what was going wrong.

Damaging Blind Spots

Remote sales teams of this leading business-to-business organization were using Salesforce to input critical information and finding themselves experiencing significant delays in page load times. The delays were having a direct impact on the business as they were damaging the productivity levels of employees as they delivered a critical service to the end user.

The IT and Monitoring teams for this Fortune 100 company were being asked to solve the problem without sufficient means to understand why performance degradation was occurring. There were significant blind spots. “SaaS applications are very challenging to monitor using legacy tools given that you don’t own the application hosting infrastructure, or all of the service dependencies end users rely on for the best digital experience” says the company’s IT and Monitoring Manager.

The IT and Monitoring teams were already working with a different monitoring provider but were growing frustrated that they didn’t offer visibility into the performance of SaaS applications or the user experience of their over 25,000 employees.

Gaining Visibility and Reducing Incidents

The company turned to Catchpoint for its expertise in Employee Experience monitoring. By deploying Catchpoint’s Enterprise nodes at all their worldwide locations, including branch offices and in the datacenter, they were able to gain access to much more detailed telemetry information. This allowed the IT and Monitoring teams to understand not only what delays were happening when, but also the root cause of the problem. They could share this data with their service providers to escalate the issue if needed and more importantly, use it to hold them accountable to their SLAs.

The IT and Monitoring teams now use Synthetic Monitoring to run tests on every internal application, allowing them to get ahead of problems that might impact employee productivity and end-user experience. These tests monitor the complete user journey. The granular level of telemetry provided by Catchpoint’s synthetic tests enables understanding of any application issues and network problems.

For Catchpoint, it was exciting to see IT being given the tools to directly improve digital employee experience and as a result, enhance customer and end-user experience.

Fortune 100 Conglomerate Lowers Impact of SaaS Outages

Let’s look at another Fortune 100 customer that has worked with Catchpoint to improve employee experience, and as a result, seen reduced IT disruption, a lower number of incidents reported by the end users, and improved mean time to repair (MTTR).

Many Tools, Poor Visibility

This tech and manufacturing conglomerate uses over 2,000 web and SaaS-based applications company-wide to support its daily operations. Its services include providing everyday civilian products and specialized military equipment. To deliver outcomes on time for its customers, it is essential that the company is able to access critical applications at any location where its employees are situated.

“We were seeing that users on the east coast couldn’t access Office365 while everyone else in the country could. It would often turn out to be an ISP issue, but it took a long time to troubleshoot because we didn’t have visibility into all of the dependencies involved in SaaS service delivery”, says the manager of their corporate IT and monitoring team.

When employees have problems, the internal IT help desk is their first port of call. However, when it came to SaaS application issues, the help desk often found itself in the dark as to what was causing the problem. A loss of control and oversight over SaaS and web applications was preventing them from seeing all the dependencies involved in SaaS service delivery.

Monitoring SaaS Applications and Better Understanding End-User Experience

The Fortune 100 company brought Catchpoint on board to deliver our Employee Experience monitoring solution. This includes SaaS monitoring, which immediately put into effect an alerting strategy for outages and slowdowns with SaaS services. Employees could detect when they were having a problem and IT could quickly determine whether it was user-specific or a wider issue with the application or network. This information could then be shared with the relevant SaaS provider to resolve the issue and enforce SLAs.

Catchpoint has deployed its Enterprise Nodes in 54 of the company’s offices worldwide, enabling the company to track performance issues wherever they occur, prioritizing those regions in which there are persistent problems. “We have a complete view of the experience our employees are having with Salesforce, Office365, or any other app they are using. We run synthetic tests to get ahead of any potential outages and slowdowns, and communicate with the providers early on before our company’s productivity is hurt.”

We’re happy to see that IT has been able to expedite root cause analysis with the data and insight that Catchpoint’s DEM solution provides, and advance employee and customer experiences as a result.

Read the detailed case study about these companies here:

Fortune 100 Technology and Manufacturing Leader

Fortune 100 Industrial Supply Leader

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