Why is Catchpoint
the best alternative
to SamKnows?

Discover why Catchpoint is the leading Internet Performance Monitoring tool with the world's largest independent observability network providing unparalleled data quality!

Catchpoint’s Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform has been built over 12 years to provide high-definition, real-time data from the user perspective. The platform combines industry-leading synthetics, RUM, performance optimization, with flexible visualizations and advanced analytics to provide an accurate and detailed view of every aspect of the Internet Stack.  

Monitor from Where All Your Users Are! Powered by the world’s largest independent observability network, with over 2400 vantage points worldwide, our award-winning Internet Performance Monitoring platform enables our users to monitor from where it matters.

Why Catchpoint?

The Internet is your new network, and its resilience is critical for you to deliver any customer or employee digital experience!

Catchpoint is trusted by the Top Forbes Digital Companies, CSPs, TELCO, CDN providers, online retailers and SaaS platforms companies to understand user, application, and workforce experience issues with the most detailed view of any issue across the entire Internet Stack (BGP, DNS, SASE, ROBO, CDN, etc.).

Troubleshoot faster across the
Internet Stack

Catchpoint’s industry leading Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) solutions help you to proactively catch, troubleshoot and resolve any issue across your Internet Stack before it impacts your business and revenue.

and unbiased
third-party data

Catchpoint stands as an independent, non-biased third-party service. Decoupled cloud independence allows you to continue monitoring and ensure resilience even when cloud providers are down.

Monitor what matters from where it matters

Catchpoint enables you to monitor what matters from where it matters, so you can get to the answers faster and ensure great experiences for your customers and your employees.

Become a part of our expanding network of partners.

Catchpoint is actively looking for strategic partners who want to leverage the power of Internet Performance Monitoring. Connect with us to discuss our partnership options for Government agencies and CSPs, Telcos, and Service Providers who need better visibility into the internet experience delivered to millions of users.

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Reliable insights
come from reliable infrastructure

Our Global Observability Network is backed by the highest
quality architecture, data centers, and ISPs.

Highest Quality
Monitoring Locations
Highly Scalable
and Fault Tolerant
Ample Hardware

Don't just take our word for it!

"Competitors of Catchpoint had decent coverage in the United States, but when it came to places like Europe and Asia, they were really lacking. I was really impressed with how they have the 8 to 10 providers in places we considered remote.”

Landon Orr
Network Engineer