Webpagetest begins a new chapter.

We're joining forces with Catchpoint and I'm incredibly excited for what's in store.

Patrick Meenan

Hey everyone

This is exciting news and I'm sure you have plenty of questions.

There's an FAQ below, but I wanted to personally thank the companies and individuals who contributed ideas, code, and infrastructure to the project.

Without the community, Webpagetest wouldn't be what it is today; a popular source for accurate and realistic performance measurements of the user experience around the world.

I'm really proud of what we've accomplished over the past 12 years and incredibly grateful for each of you.

But, it's time.

Time to get these servers out of my basement.

Time to fully focus my passion and energy to the project.

Time to give Webpagetest the support it deserves to become even better!

So we're joining forces with Catchpoint. You can read more details in the official release.

I sat down with Catchpoint CEO Mehdi Daoudi to discuss the announcement.

I've known Catchpoint for a long time and I can truly say we share the same obsession with performance, monitoring, metrics, and unwavering commitment to improving the user experience across the web.

They believe in the community and the founding mission of WPT. Webpagetest will remain a free online tool available to anyone.

They've built an incredible test network of over 800 locations around the globe. There's nothing else like it and we're bringing the network to Webpagetest! We're doing a live Q&A to elaborate on this.

They share my vision for where we can take Webpagetest and are dedicating resources to develop a more advanced platform.

I'll be joining the Catchpoint team to lead the engineering efforts on the platform. If you want to keep updated on the enhancements, let us know! 

I've written a more detailed blog post on the announcement if you'd like to read more.

Thank you again and hope to hear from you!

Forever free. Just better.

What's happening to current API users?

Links from my note...

Stay in the loop on Webpagetest product enhancements
Join us for a live Q&A session on Thursday, October 1st at 1pm ET
I've written a bit more on the announcement!

Frequently Asked Questions

What was announced on September 16?

Catchpoint acquired webpagetest.org and is now the sole corporate sponsor and primary project host of the open source Webpagetest project and its software platform

What is Webpagetest?

Webpagetest.org is an online web performance measurement and analysis tool that was originally developed by AOL for internal use only. In 2008, the software platform was open sourced under a BSD license. The software platform is under active development on GitHub and is also packaged up periodically and available for download for anyone that wants to run their own instance.

The online version is available to anyone in the web performance community with several sponsoring companies and individuals providing testing (Webpagetest Agents) infrastructure around the world.

In exchange for “donating” a testing agent, sponsors get their logo associated with the location and a banner on the Webpagetest.org site.

Webpagetest allows users to run an instant test from various locations and get a performance audit of their web pages and web applications. It allows users to validate changes and audit performance. Webpagetest has a huge following and gets more half a million page views per month.

Who is behind Webpagetest?

Patrick Meenan is the founder of webpagetest.org. He is an accomplished software engineer and well-known performance evangelist with an illustrious career in web development. He is considered a thought leader and expert in the web performance community. Patrick has been a driving force behind several key web performance metrics that better capture the user experience like SpeedIndex.

Will Webpagetest continue to be free?

Absolutely, Webpagetest.org will continue being offered as a free online tool to the performance community. Everything about Webpagetest that is known and loved by the community will be available for free in the future…but we plan to do better than this so keep reading!

What happens immediately after Sep 16 announcement?

As the custodian of Webpagetest, Catchpoint will invest in dramatically improving the free Webpagetest experience. Not only will Webpagetest continue being a free tool but under Catchpoint, webpagetest’s geographical footprint will grow rapidly, leveraging Catchpoint best-in-class infrastructure, its renown command and control architecture, and the migration of theWebpagetest core infrastructure to Catchpoint’s SwitchSuperNap datacenter in Las Vegas. Consistency, capacity and quality of test results will improve, benefiting the web testing community. In the long run, the real beneficiaries are the consumers of websites, web applications or eCommerce and the internet at large.

Regarding current Webpagetest sponsors, Catchpoint may allow non-competing vendors to continue sponsoring Webpagetest if there are synergies between the sponsor’s business and Catchpoint. This decision will be made in the near term.

Will Patrick Meenan continue to be involved with Webpagetest?

Absolutely! We are honored to have Patrick joining Catchpoint as Engineering Fellow, working as full time employee and be part of the Catchpoint engineering team. He will 100% continue leading Webpagetest, and we plan on giving Patrick the financial backing to continue his legacy and vision.

What should we expect in the near future?

We will engage with the Webpagetest and Catchpoint user communities, collecting input about future direction. To repeat, Catchpoint will remain unwavering in its effort to continue serving the Webpagetest community with more investements. We will communicate future plans in the few months following this announcement.

Stay in the loop!