Ask an SRE: Panel Discussion

The closing session of SRE from Anywhere 2021 brought together an expert panel: Jonathan Franconi (SRE Manager at VMware), Tim Kadlec (Performance Engineering Fellow at Catchpoint), Robert Ross (CEO and co-founder of FireHydrant), and Pablo Sanchez Torralba (SRE Manager, Google).

Check out their candid, insightful discussions around how SRE can be defined, the day-to-day work of SRE in different organizations, the end-to-end support that SRE provides to the whole business, and the pros and cons of remote SRE .

“I think the working remote piece of it, from SRE… we are born into this mentality of SREs being anywhere in the world and being able to work from anywhere. So in our specific field, this was natural from day one.”

Jonathan Franconi, SRE Manager, VMware

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