Boost brand reputation by analyzing social sentiment

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Stay ahead of Internet brand discourse

Keep on top of outages and performance issues by tuning in to live commentary on social media. With user sentiment observability, you’ll know immediately when users are voicing their usability and reachability concerns. At the same time, you can use these social signals to speed troubleshooting and vastly improve customer experience, gaining a distinct competitive advantage.

Track and analyze user sentiment
to build brand excellence

Know how your brand is perceived by the public

Understand digital performance impact on user behavior and conversions.

Track how your users feel

Follow Tweets, reviews, and complaints to know what your customers say about performance issues.

Gain engagement insights

Speed issue and outage resolution by transforming user engagement into performance signals.

Rely on trustworthy and
expansive sentiment analysis

Use authenticated results

Trust that social media complaints about significant outages or latencies are validated via data and tests.

Enable users to self-report

Monitor user sentiment in public Internet spaces, transforming them into direct channels to your business.

Be responsive to concerns

Address validated issues swiftly to resolve social media complaints in the way that works best for you.

Stop Internet Outages in their tracks, we can help

Correlate user perception with
actual performance data

Correlate user sentiment to observability data

Validate or invalidate user complaints by comparing them to the data gathered by our many observer types.

Review verified issues easily

View reported problems directly from your portal as soon as Catchpoint’s team has authenticated them.

Benefit from broader insights

Cast a broad telemetry net and ensure user experience quality is prioritized for sustained business success.

Customer and employee experience and the performance of our applications is critical to our success. Delivering the best experience possible requires that we have a complete view of the user experience. A missing piece of the monitoring puzzle from vendors has been user sentiment data. Having this analysis baked into Catchpoint’s platform will help us optimize the user experience, quickly solve performance issues and improve business performance.

Samy Senthivel
Senior Digital Manager



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