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The SRE Report 2024 Reveals State of Site Reliability Engineering

Annual Report by Catchpoint Reveals New Insights into Control, Learning from Incidents, Artificial Intelligence and Beyond

New York, January 8, 2023Catchpoint, The Internet Resilience Company™, today announced the release of its comprehensive, annual site reliability engineering (SRE) report for 2024. The industry-leading report draws from the expertise and insights of more than 400 professionals from the global IT community, including a diverse array of reliability practitioners, managers, architects, and executives. The report highlights the critical and continued role of SRE as a community of practice for enterprises to deliver and monitor digital services and applications.  

Download the 2024 SRE Report.  

Now in its sixth year, Catchpoint’s 2024 SRE Report is considered the trusted resource for catalyzing innovative business conversations and infusing IT practitioner experiences into professional research. As digital transformations accelerate with new technologies and platforms, SRE stands as the foundational pillar supporting these dynamic business ecosystems.  

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“With exponential growth in digital services year over year, reliability doesn’t just remain essential; it’s a paramount feature of any system,” said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and co-founder of Catchpoint. “Our report findings demonstrate the importance of SRE’s foundational role at enterprises and how practitioners are evolving their mindsets and business practices in new and exciting ways for optimized control and visibility.”

In fact, the report revealed a notable trend: shifting of responsibilities across traditional control boundaries becoming normal, creating new business opportunities for speed and innovation.

“To navigate today’s complex, dynamic business environments, SRE is imperative for success,” Daoudi continued.

Key findings from the report included:  

  • 64% agree that monitoring productivity or experience-disruption endpoints – even if outside their control purview – is required: showcases paradigm shift in how reliability practitioners now think about visibility
  • 47% say learning from incidents (LFI) has the most room for improvement in overall incident management activities: discusses the universal business opportunity of dedicated, protected learning for companies of all sizes
  • 53% said AI will ‘make my work easier’ and [only] 4% felt AI ‘will replace them’: explores how this perspective varies by organizational rank
  • 24% of organizations have breached a contractual service level agreement in the last 12 months: recommends relationship between IT objectives and business outcomes
  • 81% of organizations have two or more types of telemetry feeding their observability frameworks and 43% have four or more: confronts the fallacy of single tools being able to provide visibility for all stacks
  • 23% of ICs declare being proud of their work was most important; whereas, in an example of rank dissension, 28% of management said being efficient was most important: highlights values and discusses year-over-year benchmarking data  

Methodology: Catchpoint’s 2024 SRE Survey collected over 400 voluntary responses in June 2023, forming the basis of the report’s insights.  

For more information about the 2024 SRE Report, visit Catchpoint’s website and report here. A panel discussion about the findings will take place in a webinar on January 24th, reserve your spot here.

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