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Catchpoint’s New Internet Resilience Program Monitors and Safeguards Applications and Websites for Peak Events

Expert Monitoring Services enhance Internet Resilience for critical times like Black Friday and Holiday Rush

NEW YORK – September 18, 2023Catchpoint®, The Internet Resilience Company™, today announced the launch of its Internet Resilience Program. The offering, previously known as Black Friday Assurance, enhances its market-leading Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform with an on-demand expert team of engineers to help ensure performance and resilience of websites and applications for critical events such as the holiday season for an online retailer, or tax season for a tax preparation company.  

While many operations teams exert extra effort to monitor their applications during key inflection points, they may still be vulnerable to outages, reachability issues, or other performance issues that could severely impact the business during critical periods, such as peak commercial activity or large sporting or entertainment events.  

The enhanced Internet Resilience Program combines Catchpoint’s IPM platform with best practices playbooks from some of the world’s leading experts in Internet Resilience. It offers around-the-clock monitoring-as-a-service, enhancing Internet Resilience during critical periods. The package includes:  

  • Access to Catchpoint’s IPM Platform and dedicated performance team  
  • Configuration of optimal testing strategies leading up to the high-traffic period
  • Real-time detection, reporting, troubleshooting and correcting of potential issues
  • A comprehensive report analyzing monitoring data, benchmarks against key competitors and recommendations on performance optimizations following the event  

The service is designed to protect the business during peak periods when customers may experience a surge in web and application traffic. With services provided two weeks before and following key events, the offerings are designed to support peak eCommerce inflection points, including product launches or holiday, tax preparation and travel seasons.  

“Building on more than a decade of experience working with the leading brands, the Internet Resilience Program packages best-in-class teams and technology,” said Hussain Peeran, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Technical Services at Catchpoint. “Every year, we safeguard mission-critical systems for premier enterprises, on average averting over a dozen potentially disastrous incidents. Without our rigorous preventive monitoring, these threats could inflict severe business impact often measured in millions of dollars.”  

The teams that provide the service monitor the target applications or websites 24x7 and look after anything that could impact customer experience or the business – from SSL certificates to DNS records to CDN performance to complex transaction issues, which are verified using a combination of synthetic monitoring, RUM, and several other Catchpoint services.  

These expert monitoring teams take advantage of the latest enhancements in the Catchpoint IPM platform, including capabilities such as BGP hijack detection, Internet Sonar, automatic metric correlation, smartboards, and more.  

According to a recent study by Forrester Consulting, the average retailer suffers on average 76 disruptions per month, costing organizations millions of dollars. “As the global leader in enterprise application software, SAP highly values Catchpoint's Managed Services team for their 24x7 proactive monitoring of our 2000+ websites,” said Martin Norato Auer, Vice President of CX Observability and Automation Foundations, SAP. “They were instrumental in achieving zero downtime across all our websites during Black Friday — a time when disruptions are not an option for the countless eCommerce companies we support.”  

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About Catchpoint: Catchpoint is the Internet Resilience Company TM. The top online retailers, Global2000, CDNs, cloud service providers, and xSPs in the world rely on Catchpoint to increase their resilience by catching any issues in the Internet Stack before they impact their business. The Catchpoint platform offers synthetics, RUM, performance optimization, high fidelity data and flexible visualizations with advanced analytics. It leverages thousands of global vantage points (including inside wireless networks, BGP, backbone, last mile, endpoint, enterprise, ISPs and more) to provide unparalleled observability into anything that impacts your customers, workforce, networks, website performance, applications, and APIs.  

Mike Moses