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Catchpoint Provides Free Remote Employee Support Program to Aid in COVID-19 Response

The comprehensive program offers enterprises much-needed relief as they prepare for record numbers of remote workers

NEW YORK, March 12, 2020  -- **Catchpoint**™, the leader in next-generation Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), today announced the Remote Digital Employee Experience Support Program, a free program designed to help assure business continuity during the COVID-19 crisis. The program is available to the entire enterprise community as they confront an unprecedented spike in remote workers.

According to a recent survey, 44 percent of consumers with full-time jobs have already seen COVID-19 impact the way they do business. Many have cancelled travel plans and in-person meetings, and 40 percent are increasing their use of video conferencing. With this in mind, the Remote Employee Support Program leverages Catchpoint’s global monitoring capabilities to help businesses deliver the best possible digital experience to their employees.

“The COVID-19 outbreak has presented many challenges for the business community. We are seeing a significant uptick in inquiries regarding how to improve the employee experience for remote workers,” said Analyst Dion Hinchcliffe at Constellation Research. “A free remote employee support program is a welcomed move to support the enterprise IT community at a time of great need.”

“We want to support our fellow IT professionals in the community,” said Catchpoint CEO and cofounder, Mehdi Daoudi. “We know that many in the enterprise community may not be prepared for their entire workforce to suddenly work remotely. Our established expertise in helping global enterprises manage user experience means we can help companies prepare for a big surge in remote workers. While this will put an unprecedented pressure on their network, digital systems and applications, our program will provide them with much-needed support in these hugely challenging times.”

The completely free-of-charge program consists of three components:

  1. Alerting service for key digital collaboration and SaaS apps. Catchpoint is continually monitoring the top collaboration suites and SaaS applications commonly used by enterprises with its Global Monitoring Network that consists of 825 locations worldwide.

  2. Remote employee endpoint monitoring. Using the Catchpoint browser extension, remote employees can instantly discover what is slowing down their web apps and share the data directly with IT support teams to help resolve incidents faster.

  3. Enterprise Digital Experience Monitoring package. Catchpoint is offering enterprise nodes and endpoint monitors complimentary for 90 days. Catchpoint will engage with qualified companies for onboard and deployment of the service allowing them to manage employee experience, end-to-end.

In preparation for a surge in remote employees and to ensure the delivery of a great Digital Employee Experience, Catchpoint recommends that enterprise IT departments leverage the Free Catchpoint Program to:

  • Ensure that key application hosting environments are properly provisioned to support the expected load and distribution of remote employees;
  • Confirm that SaaS and other service providers can support all remote employee locations without performance limitations or degradation;
  • Check that all remote employees can establish secure and reliable connectivity to apps and systems from their devices as needed;
  • Verify that all users can access content, apps and email remotely in accordance with the company’s security policies, and proactively identify and fix potential network bottlenecks and security policy violations; and
  • Quickly determine if any employee experience issues are caused by the user device, network problems, the Service Provider, the SaaS provider, or the application in the cloud or datacenter.

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