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Catchpoint Introduces Turnkey Performance Monitoring for SaaS Apps

App-specific, Ready-to-deploy Synthetic Monitoring for SaaS

With a Majority of Enterprises Relying on SaaS Software, Even 99% Uptime Means Millions of Hours in Lost User Productivity

December 13, 2018 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Catchpoint™, a pioneer in Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), today announced the first products in its new SaaS Monitoring product line: maintenance-free, deep-dive monitoring solutions for specific SaaS applications. The first SaaS Synthetic products, available today, are for Office 365 and Salesforce with additional popular SaaS application solutions planned for the coming year.

As enterprises continue to standardize with SaaS applications, IT leaders often struggle with loss of visibility and unplanned outages. In today’s world where latency is the new downtime, slow or unavailable SaaS applications have a huge impact on employee productivity and the bottom line. Salesforce’s self-reported historical uptime of 99.9 percent means that unplanned downtime results in potentially million hours of impacted productivity across its global user base.

When outages occur, users’ IT departments are often unpleasantly alerted by help tickets filed by frustrated employees. In addition, SaaS providers rarely proactively report outages or slowdowns to their users, even though they are responsible for monitoring their applications and maintaining SLAs. The net effect can often be finger-pointing between the SaaS provider and the IT department while end users suffer. Business-critical functions spanning call centers, sales, and marketing are compromised while the IT departments responsible for maintaining reliable service have no warning of an outage until an employee reports it, and no visibility to give answers to frustrated team-members.

“Many parts of Autodesk’s business – from customer support to operations – rely upon SaaS applications like Salesforce for important functions,” comments Samy Senthivel, Manager of Enterprise App Performance & Automation for Autodesk._“_Catchpoint’s SaaS monitoring and alerting helps the IT team keep our lines of business up and running.”

SaaS performance is measured from Catchpoint’s industry-leading network of monitoring nodes or from portable enterprise nodes placed wherever employees are located. When a problem is identified, the appropriate IT teams are immediately notified with detailed diagnostics on where and why the issue is occurring.

“With business reliance on these apps huge and growing, the customer-centric CIO needs to view employees using SaaS the same way they view external customers,” comments Dritan Suljoti, CIO and co-founder of Catchpoint. “That requires a proactive approach, and it’s the reason we developed a ready-to-deploy, SaaS-specific product that identifies and resolves performance issues quickly before employees are affected and productivity suffers.”

In additional to SaaS provider-centric issues, SaaS application users can also experience performance issues due to a variety of external elements outside a SaaS provider’s control, including issues arising from DNS, ISPs, cloud outages, and more. For example, sometimes the manner in which a service is configured at a specific office can result in slowdowns or outages. Catchpoint’s SaaS Synthetic Monitoring pinpoints these issues, ultimately shortening mean time to repair.

“iPipeline depends on Catchpoint SaaS monitoring to protect our business from costly, business-critical application downtime,” comments Malcolm Crouch, Director of NOC & IT Support at financial solutions provider iPipeline. “Catchpoint’s accurate alerts empower our team with the data we need to make detections and remediate swiftly.”

Catchpoint SaaS Synthetic Monitoring offers a turnkey, maintenance-free solution unique to each SaaS application. Monitoring goes beyond simple availability assessments by tracking logins and multi-step uses within the application. Only the application URL, user name, and password are required to get started. Daily, weekly, or monthly reports, which include Catchpoint’s neutral third-party data, help organizations validate and enforce SLAs.

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