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Catchpoint Introduces New Capabilities that Make the Internet Better

Latest Catchpoint Platform update adds capabilities that accelerate time to detection, improve automation capabilities, and further expand its already leading Global Observability Network.

NEW YORK – October 12, 2023Catchpoint, the innovation leader in Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM), launches new features that cement its position as the platform to help organizations achieve Internet Resilience.  

The Internet relies on Catchpoint, and we are extremely proud to introduce new capabilities and products that demonstrate ongoing innovation towards our goal of making the Internet better for everyone.    

Internet Sonar​ – Catchpoint Internet Sonar answers the question: "Is it me or something else?" This addition to the Catchpoint IPM Platform provides simple, intelligent, trustworthy, Internet health information at-a-glance so you can get ahead of productivity or experience-impacting 3rd-party incidents. Internet Sonar uses data from the world’s largest, independent, active observability network to monitor hundreds of the Internet’s most popular services for outages. The result is an AI-powered, real-time, interactive status report that can be displayed via an interactive map, a dashboard widget, or accessed by any system via API. Internet Sonar can ensure a resilient Internet across all these dependencies and deliver exceptional digital experiences for your customers to drive business success.  

"Here at The Washington Post, we recently had a situation where several alerts were firing. We couldn't pinpoint root cause and our cloud provider's status was all green,” said a Technical Architect from the Washington Post. “After troubleshooting for nearly thirty minutes, we determined that the issue was with another critical service provider on which we rely. If Internet Sonar had been in place, it would have proactively flagged the outage and helped us discover root cause much more rapidly."  

Catchpoint Tracing – Catchpoint Tracing solves the problem of complex, large, distributed environments – used for modern application delivery – impacting your customer’s digital experience and, ultimately, business revenue. It helps operations teams achieve Internet Resilience by extending the reach of IPM combining deep visibility into the Internet Stack to visualizing request journeys through backend application components with code-level visibility into cloud-first applications to understand application behavior and ensure application health and performance. With Catchpoint Tracing, businesses can give customers the fast, resilient experiences they love and expect. Catchpoint’s IPM platform is the only one in the world that combines deep visibility into the internet, an outside-in perspective of digital experience, all the way through to the application and its dependencies. Unlike APM, which monitors from the inside out, IPM is effective in ensuring great experiences with a holistic view.  Catchpoint Tracing provides full Open Telemetry support enabling an organization to easily integrate the data as it requires.

Full Open Telemetry Support – From the beginning, Catchpoint has embraced open standards and direct access to monitoring data. The Catchpoint IPM platform webhook data API directly provides detailed data directly from any of our nodes to any customer’s data warehouse for template-based consumption – and has done so before Open Telemetry existed. This data is real-time, granular, and of a higher quality than what most monitoring tools offer. Catchpoint has also always had the unique ability to add custom headers to our HTTP monitors, allowing them to aggregate data in ways that can be followed and traced. As a result, Catchpoint is exceptionally cost-effective when it comes to integration with other systems.  

Enterprise Light Nodes – Organizations that rely on the Catchpoint’s IPM platform now have access to a new lightweight node that can be deployed broadly to achieve increased visibility while requiring fewer resources. Able to run on a variety of environments (including Cisco routers, switches, and other devices) and scaling to hundreds or thousands of locations, the Enterprise Light Node fulfills a critical need for connectivity at sites like retail stores, branch locations, satellite offices, or any other remote area not covered by an enterprise node. The result is cost-effective monitoring from where it matters.  

Traceroute ECN​ – Catchpoint has enhanced its Network Experience solution with Traceroute ECN Internet Congestion Detection and Avoidance. Extremely lag-sensitive applications like AR/VR, streaming, gaming, Metaverse, autonomous vehicles, etc., are becoming increasingly popular, and demand for them is only growing.  To ensure users' network experience, Catchpoint now supports Traceroute ECN, which provides full visibility into decision-making for traffic routing around network congestion. The result is lower latency and smoother real-time applications. This support is unique to Catchpoint, highlighting its innovative leadership and forward-looking vision. Details of this technology can be found at RFC9330, RFC9331,Accurate ECN, and IETF L4S - Low Latency Low Loss Scalable Throughput - L4S.  ​  

Terraform Support – Catchpoint integration is now available in the HashiCorp Terraform registry to simplify integration into DevOps environments and integrate IPM into the innovation process, giving SRE teams visibility into the real-world experience their software delivers to users as well as performance and availability monitoring for the tools they rely on to do their job. Terraform is an infrastructure as code tool that enables users to safely and predictably provision and manage infrastructure in any cloud. With the Catchpoint Terraform provider, users can manage Web, API, Transaction, DNS, SSL, BGP, Traceroute, and Ping tests with minimum configurations. This makes it easier than ever before for developers to integrate Catchpoint data.  

Sub-second Network Testing ​– Some outages last just a few seconds at a time, making them difficult to detect using relatively infrequent tests. Only Catchpoint allows you to monitor the network continuously at a sub-second level to detect intermittent network issues faster. This makes Catchpoint’s Network Experience solution more effective when troubleshooting intermittent, hard-to-pinpoint network issues.  

Webpage Waterfall Compare – Identifying the root cause of website performance problems can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Loading a webpage in a browser can trigger hundreds of HTTP requests, with dependencies and relationships that are often unclear. Site reliability engineers (SREs) and development teams must quickly identify what changed, but until now, SREs haven’t had the same comparison tools they’ve used while coding to easily compare what changed on browser renderings before and after the problem.  With this release, only Catchpoint now provides the ability to compare browser rendering waterfall results of up to four web tests in full detail, side-by-side. This enhances the Website Experience solution to help companies find and fix problems quickly, lowering MTTR and reducing the impact of Internet performance problems.  

Zoom and Microsoft Teams Monitoring – Catchpoint’s Workforce Experience solution has been enhanced for today’s hybrid workforce. Organizations rely on collaboration solutions such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom to facilitate the work of remote employees. We have extended our IPM solution capabilities to include full visibility for both of these key collaboration solutions.    

Global Observability Network Improvements – Only Catchpoint enables you to monitor from where it matters for your organization, your customers, and your employees. We are constantly growing our footprint and vantage points, although we already have the largest network globally. Since our May launch, we have added more than 60 new nodes across the US, Canada, Israel, Germany, Poland, Qatar, Japan, India, Singapore, Sweden, Australia, and Italy, covering Cloud, Backbone, Last Mile and Wireless, bringing our total network vantage points to over 2500. We have also added an additional 10 BGP feeds across 8 countries to bring our total coverage on BGP to over 1430 BGP peers across 447 ASNs, providing even further real-time global BGP visibility against hijacks or manipulation.    

“I am particularly excited about Catchpoint’s Internet Sonar because it offers a uniquely cost-effective way for IT teams to radically reduce MTTR by determining whether an issue is due to an issue in their Internet Stack or something else happening in the Internet,” says Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint. “With outages costing up to tens of thousands of dollars per minute, our customers will be able to save millions with this at-a-glance information.”  

Attend the Launch Webinar: For more information on the new capabilities powering IPM (Internet Performance Monitoring), please ensure to attend the launch webinar on October 25, 2023, at 11 am ET, What’s new at Catchpoint! Fall 2023 product launch event. Register now to hear from the experts on all the new capabilities released by Catchpoint so that you can ensure Internet Resilience for your customers and workforce and catch any issues before they impact your business.  

About Catchpoint: Catchpoint is the Internet Resilience Company™. The top online retailers, Global2000, CDNs, cloud service providers, and xSPs in the world rely on Catchpoint to increase their resiliency by catching any issues in the Internet stack before they impact their business. The Catchpoint platform offers synthetics, RUM, performance optimization, high-fidelity data, and flexible visualizations with advanced analytics. It leverages thousands of global vantage points (including inside wireless networks, BGP, backbone, last mile, endpoint, enterprise, ISPs, and more) to provide unparalleled observability into anything that impacts your customers, workforce, networks, website performance, applications, and APIs.

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