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Catchpoint Introduces Endpoint Monitoring: Real User, Active, and Device Monitoring for Employee Applications

SaaS-focused Solution Set Monitors Employee Digital Experiences;

Survey: 82 Percent of SaaS App Users Negatively Impacted by Service Disruptions

June 04, 2019 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

NEW YORK----Catchpoint™, the digital experience monitoring (DEM) leader, today announced the release of Endpoint Monitoring, a complete solution unifying real user, active, and device monitoring, complementing Catchpoint’s existing synthetic monitoring for employee applications. Endpoint Monitoring fills an industry need for end-to-end visibility into the Digital Employee Experience (DEX), particularly for third-party SaaS applications.

Endpoint Monitoring gains its visibility directly from an employee’s device via a browser extension and lightweight companion application running in the background. It provides visibility of the exact experiences employees have as they interact with SaaS or proprietary applications. Real-time and historical data on a SaaS application’s performance at global, local, and device levels ensure that organizations can mitigate, resolve, and often prevent service disruptions that affect productivity and morale.

Endpoint Monitoring’s real user, active, and device monitoring solution complements Catchpoint’s recently announced DEX Synthetic Monitoring, deployed via on-premise nodes and across Catchpoint’s global node network to proactively scan for SaaS outages or slowdowns before they impact employees. With enterprises dependent on a large ecosystem of SaaS solutions, a blend of active and passive monitoring protects productivity, keeps employees happy, and holds software vendors accountable.

“Employees are increasingly reliant on SaaS applications, so disruptions like outages or slowdowns equate to lost productivity, employee dissatisfaction, and potentially lost business,” comments Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint. “We built our DEX platform to help enterprises take back control of SaaS applications, preempt incidents where possible, speed mean time to repair and hold vendors accountable to service level agreements (SLAs).”

Survey of SaaS Users: According to a Survey Monkey poll of SaaS users sponsored by Catchpoint, 100 percent said they had experienced SaaS performance issues within the last year, with 66 percent reporting such issues for applications critical to doing their jobs. Eighty-two percent said such issues had negatively affected their work within the last year, with 39 percent reporting that the effect was seriously detrimental to their work.

Poorly performing applications, particularly those which employees rely upon daily, can have a negative impact on an organization’s culture. “A lot of CIOs have realized that culture can be an accelerator of digital transformation and that they have the means to reinforce a desired culture through their technology choices,” according to “Gartner Predicts by 2021, CIOs Will Be as Responsible for Culture Change as Chief HR Officers,” by Katie Costello and Gloria Omale, 11 February, 2019.

“The quality of today's digital employee experience is a defining attribute in worker satisfaction and retention. Yet most organizations don't have a clear sense of the ongoing state of their employee experience,” says Dion Hinchcliffe, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. “Granular performance monitoring can help close this gap. Proactive organizations wanting the most impact from their digital workplace investments will take care to gather this data and use it.”

With the shift to SaaS applications, where the vendor manages the code and infrastructure, businesses can no longer easily add telemetry to the application layer to monitor the user experience. Endpoint Monitoring injects the telemetry at the browser and reports via the companion Catchpoint application, offering visibility into the performance of SaaS applications.

With Catchpoint’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX) solutions, enterprises can now:

  • Proactively monitor SaaS applications to stay ahead of potential issues;
  • Get real user experience data, from real user locations;
  • Combine real user and synthetic data to get the most comprehensive view of application performance - including baseline application availability, what a user experiences using the app, and identifying performance optimization paths;
  • Pinpoint local connectivity issues before users are affected; and
  • Ensure the delivery of promised services or secure SLA remuneration via expert data from a neutral party.

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