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Catchpoint Expands Industry-Leading Monitoring Network...Again

New Cloud Nodes Available on All Six Major Cloud Providers, Revamped Enterprise Nodes Offer Fast-Start Monitoring from Any Location

July 19, 2018 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Catchpoint™, the digital experience monitoring (DEM) expert, today further expanded its industry-leading network of monitoring location options with Cloud Nodes, which monitors in multiple regions of the six major cloud providers, and an updated Enterprise Nodes offering, for fast-start monitoring from any location.

These solutions address the challenges of ensuring stellar performance (speed, reachability, reliability, and availability) of digital services when cloud migrations, agile and continuous development are the norm. They can be used standalone or as part of a holistic approach utilizing Catchpoint’s internet backbone, broadband, last mile, and wireless monitoring infrastructure, now comprising more than 700 vantage points worldwide, the largest and most diverse monitoring network in its category.

Catchpoint now has 111 Cloud Nodes deployed on the six major cloud providers: 16 in AWS, 28 in Azure, 17 in Google, 20 in IBM; plus in China, 15 in Alibaba and 15 in Tencent. Cloud Nodes now cover 62 cities in 25 countries worldwide, the largest regional cloud provider coverage available.

“A huge and growing amount of internet traffic flows to, from, and between cloud service providers, making the cloud a pivotal element in the delivery chain,” says Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint. “Our expansive Cloud Nodes service measures the speed and availability of digital services from the vantage point of the cloud, supplementing our backbone and broadband monitoring which canvases the broader internet infrastructure. Catchpoint helps IT operations correlate their monitoring goals with business results by focusing on end-user experience and customer journeys. These actionable insights help our customers detect suboptimal experiences from anywhere in real time.”

"Customers use central clouds to drive innovation with Fastly's Edge Cloud Platform, so monitoring the connectivity between these environments is critical to customer success,” says Tom Daly, Vice President of Infrastructure at Fastly. “Catchpoint's Cloud Nodes are a great way to monitor, as they allow us to preempt performance challenges from global cloud providers on the same platform where we test performance on global ISP networks and wireless providers."

Catchpoint’s Enterprise Nodes offering has been updated to include a new Linux distribution and a consumption-based option. This product is available as either agentless software or as a portable device which can be installed in a datacenter, office, or literally anywhere customers are located. Utilizing Catchpoint’s advanced synthetic monitoring, with over 20 pre-packaged monitor types, Enterprise Nodes are designed to accelerate resolution of problems inside the firewall. A node can also be deployed within a datacenter or a cloud environment to monitor network connectivity and application performance.

Enterprise Nodes include a new custom monitor feature which allows organizations to deploy their own monitoring code and reuse existing scripts to monitor virtually any type of application or service (VoIP, SNMP, Databases, LDAP, Twitter Sentiment, etc.). Enterprise Nodes include robust security features and can be installed and fully functional in minutes.

“Close proximity to end-users is critical for accurate monitoring of their digital experiences. Catchpoint’s monitoring infrastructure is the industry’s broadest in terms of sheer number, geographic expanse, amount of data generated (synthetic and real user), and node types,” says Daoudi. “Our customers have an unsurpassed range of flexibility and options to meet their monitoring needs, including our unique ability to offer insight into cloud or other third-party elements, moving them toward optimal availability and performance.”

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