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Catchpoint Announces Virtual SRE Community Event on June 10

‘SRE From Anywhere’ will be the largest community event for Site Reliability Engineers to learn and share best practices for delivering best digital performance

(New York, USA)April 13, 2021 – Catchpoint™, the leader in Digital Experience Management, launched free registration to attend SRE From Anywhere, a virtual, interactive event focused on helping site reliability engineers (SREs) thrive in today’s era of digital complexity, data proliferation and virtual team collaboration where always-available and speed are crucial. Taking place June 10, 2021, the event offers SREs the opportunity to connect with peers to share best practices, industry and career trends and organizational dynamics.

Catchpoint is expanding on the enormous success of last year’s SRE From Home event by adding richer and more diverse content and more networking opportunities. The event will deliver the quality and engagement that attendees have come to expect from the largest event dedicated to the SRE role. Additionally, to maximize the participants’ virtual experience, the event will be hosted on a state-of-the-art virtual conference platform.

“The role of SREs in ensuring top performance and reliability in today’s highly distributed and virtual world has never been more important,” said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint. “This event offers an opportunity for SREs to collaborate and learn best practices for true digital experience observability.”

The SRE From Anywhere agenda is built and designed for SREs by SREs and includes panel discussions, practitioner sessions, and lightening talks designed to foster an open forum for inclusion and learning. SRE professionals and visionaries will offer educational and inspiring information to help navigate the challenges associated with assuring availability, performance, reachability, and reliability of systems, networks, and applications. Other topics include:

  • Results from 2021 SRE Survey sponsored by Catchpoint, VMWare Tanzu, and the DevOps Institute.
  • True Observability and why it’s importance in a world that is overusing the term without the proper meaning.
  • DevOps Principles and the latest use cases and trends such as Platform Ops.

For more information about Catchpoint’s SRE From Anywhere event and to register, visit  SRE from Anywhere

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