Managed Monitoring Service

Improve performance while getting relief from the challenges of 24/7 monitoring by relying on Catchpoint's team of experts.

Top monitoring challenges

lack of ownership

De-centralized IT teams means there's no central hub that owns monitoring

Visibility gaps

Changes to IT Ops environments come faster than internal monitoring strategies can evolve

Grunt work

Non-stop alert investigation and script maintenance are a constant burden on IT teams

Missed Revenue

Failure to identify page optimizations or manage SLAs can hurt your bottom line

Solutions-based approach — with speed

Catchpoint’s Managed Monitoring helps customers improve their speed – faster implementation of their monitoring solution, faster page performance, and faster times to resolve issues.

24/7 NOC Environment

Augment Your Team with Dedicated Experts

You will be able to stay ahead of performance issues by relying on a round-the-clock team of monitoring experts who serve as an extension of your department.

Track Performance Metrics

(e.g. DNS, Response, Render Start, etc.) 

Availability Tracking
Diagnostic Issue Isolation
Alert Triage & Escalation


Monitor What Matters Based on Strategic Goals

Catchpoint will not only ensure that your DEM strategy is comprehensive, but also that it is kept up to date regardless of website and application change.

Test Setup/Migration
24/7 Script Maintenance
Advanced Alerts & Dashboard Setup
Testing Strategies & Playbooks

Optimization initatives

Take Your Monitoring Strategy Beyond Firefighting

Get access to a team that is dedicated to continuous performance improvement of all your digital properties.

Identify Page Elements to Improve Performance
Track Performance Trends
Navigate Challenges of Entering New Markets
Correlate Performance to Business Goals

SLA Management

Hold Your Vendors Accountable with Iron-Clad Data

Take back control of your delivery chain through diligent and dedicated SLA tracking of third-party vendors, and safeguard against your own SLA thresholds with your customers.

Set and Track Thresholds
Enforce Full Compliance from SLA Breaches

DNS, CDN, Third-Party Application & Tags

Track Your First-Party Performance

How it works


“Partnering with Catchpoint's Managed Monitoring team was a great addition to our website and app performance monitoring during the critical holiday season. The insights we uncovered while working with their experts helped us continue to provide the best possible digital experience for our customers on any device.” Nate Auwerda, Chief Technology Officer

Learn how depends on our Managed Monitoring solution

MMSP Datasheet