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Flexible, Feature-Rich APIs

Leverage our APIs to fit any use case or environment.

Data Webhook
Get synthetic and RUM data with customizable templates, and add authentication parameters in request headers and payloads.

Alert Webhook
Receive synthetic and RUM alerts in real time, tailored to fit any escalation or management system you already use.

Create tests to automate your workflow, as well as pull performance data and alerts from synthetic and RUM.

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO)

Use SAML 2.0 to give your team secure access to Catchpoint using existing credentials.

Automated Provisioning
Automatically provision and de-provision user access to Catchpoint from your Active Directory or identity provider.

Single Security Rules
Use your existing authentication policies for user access to Catchpoint.

Role-based Access
Define what different groups of users in Catchpoint can perform and map to your Active Directory or identity provider.


Featured Integrations

Our ever-growing list includes all of your favorite tools.


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