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Global Page Completion Improved by Up to 50% Across 80 Sites
Increase in CUSTOMER page completes

As an industry leader in cosmetics, L’Oréal has long recognized the importance of digital channels when it comes to reaching out to and engaging consumers. Monitoring and analyzing performance is critical to the brand, which is why L’Oréal chose to invest in a digital customer experience monitoring solution to constantly assess strengths and weaknesses, and take immediate action to remedy any issues that arise in any location around the globe.

L’Oréal partnered with Catchpoint to:

  • Observe the desktop performance of hundreds of websites' main pages across 80 countries.
  • Assess the impact of third parties on site performance.
  • Collect Real User Measurement (RUM) data across their U.S. eCommerce sites.
  • Measure mobile performance.
  • Get a complete view of eCommerce transaction scenarios coverage across the world.

$32 Billion
Clichy, France

Catchpoint’s observability solution makes it easier to have a global visibility of our websites’ performance and to fix issues quicker.

Axel Adida
Digital Chief Operating Officer


In 2016, online sales represented €1.7 billion (6.5 percent of the group consolidated sales), and there were one billion visits through its owned websites alone. Competing with other brands online demands that L’Oréal offers the best possible digital customer experience. This means combining rich content with online platforms that are highly responsive and fast.

As a global brand, L’Oréal has a considerable and complex digital presence. The prime objective of the web performance team is to monitor and analyze the speed of several hundreds of websites for more than 30 major brands in over 80 countries.

This also means a logistical challenge of ensuring that thousands of internal and external team members are aligned correctly. To address this, L’Oréal has developed a global observability system that is shared by all of the digital teams who work for the company. This allows top management to give a global, comparative picture of web performance, as well as enabling the teams to drill down into more detailed data examining brand, geographies, and insight types.


Having reviewed the options available, L’Oréal chose Catchpoint to be at the heart of this global observability system. With over 700 location points available around the globe, Catchpoint satisfied L’Oréal’s requirements, perfectly intersecting with the 80+ countries in which L’Oréal needed to analyze.

Additionally, there were proven use cases for how Catchpoint can be used by eCommerce brands in the largest markets in which L’Oréal also operates. With both technical and non-technical users, Catchpoint was attractive because of how its intuitive interface could be used by non-IT users as well as their more technical-savvy ones.

Working with Catchpoint professional services, L’Oréal tailored the system to provide simple regular and ad hoc reporting for each country. The deployment went smoothly and quickly, with monitoring for several hundreds of sites set up within a month of introduction of Catchpoint.

This successful rollout of the system and initial two months of observing enabled the business to better understand where and how to improve site speeds.


By using Catchpoint data alongside other data sources, the L’Oréal team was able improve customer page completes from 35% to 50% on every targeted site in three different markets. This has proven to be a powerful proof of concept for convincing the senior management team to expand the use of the tool.

"Catchpoint’s observability solution makes it easier to have a global visibility of our websites’ performance and to fix issues quicker," says Axel Adida, L’Oréal Digital Chief Operating Officer.

Having proved its value, Catchpoint is providing monthly reporting to the senior management team, as well as other technical and marketing teams. More detailed daily and weekly analytics are helping to detect performance issues earlier and thus remedy this faster and more effectively. This also includes how L’Oréal rolls out major changes to its digital platforms.

In addition, L’Oréal takes advantage of how some markets may want to go deeper and more detailed with their use of the tool. For example, L’Oréal is expanding its use of Catchpoint in major markets to include more detailed mobile measurements and Real User Measurement (RUM).

This is very much the first phase of how L’Oréal plans to use Catchpoint.

Within a year, the company has proven that the tool gathers reliable and useful comparative data for analysis. This has been the basis for management to address speed issues, with Catchpoint capturing the subsequent improvements in performance.

Importantly, Catchpoint is enabling wider communication of how the business is focusing on observability and addressing the quality of digital customer experience. The value of the data analytics that Catchpoint delivers means that it is helping the business set speed KPIs both internally and with its external partners/providers.