Cloud Nodes

Cloud Nodes

Continuous performance monitoring from major cloud providers


When to Use Cloud Nodes

First Mile Testing
Test the performance and availability of an application from the first mile without concern for ISP or other network influences.

API Testing
Validate performance and reliability of your hybrid cloud solutions by localizing API performance issues from multiple cloud providers and locations.

Cloud Migration
Whether you are moving development environments, adding disaster recovery or deploying new applications to the cloud, test the functionality and performance from where the services and applications live.


Supplement Your Synthetic Monitoring Strategy

Expand your visibility with the most comprehensive node network to meet the needs of your business.

Test from leading cloud providers including AWS, Azure, Google, and Tencent

Correlate performance from backbone, last mile, or wireless nodes to quickly identify the scope and severity of an incident.


Holistic approach to narrow down issues as quickly as possible

Identify whether an issue with your hybrid infrastructure is related to a provider or the application.

Monitor from between cloud providers or from the cloud to your co-lo.

Test connectivity between your physical datacenter and your cloud services.


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