We want to make sure we pick the best CDNs and we're handing the right CDN to the right person at the right time to optimize the user experience. With the ability to measure globally, we can detect when CDN providers are having issues and pipe that data into our alerting in real time to act quickly.

"We use Catchpoint in two ways: backbone nodes give us a big-picture view of the network, and last-mile nodes are critical to giving us an idea of what users are actually experiencing.”


How it works

Content delivery networks (CDNs) have become a necessity for companies to deliver content quickly to end users around the world. Using a CDN to extend your infrastructure improves the end user experience, but it also comes with a loss of control. Take back control with CDN monitoring and gain visibility into regional performance problems, network routing issues, and overall vendor performance.  With Catchpoint’s global node network spanning backbone, broadband, cloud, last mile, and wireless nodes you can get a true picture of your CDN’s performance in comparison to your origin. CDN monitoring enables you to share information with your CDN provider to quickly resolve issues and ensure you are receiving the level of service promised.  

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