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Transforming web performance with Catchpoint’s enhanced Website Experience Solution

We're enhancing our Website Experience solution with WebPageTest. Integration into Catchpoint platform offers AI-powered analytics, RUM, security features, and global observability.

Delivering flawless customer experiences is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s digital landscape. Any interruption in the user journey can lead to lost sales and revenue and damage your brand’s reputation.  

At Catchpoint, we’re dedicated to helping you deliver exceptional digital experiences to your users worldwide. That’s why we constantly enhance our Website Experience solution, powered by WebPageTest, the gold standard in web performance testing. This ongoing innovation supports front-end, DevOps, and WebOps professionals in achieving Internet Resilience by identifying any issues within their Internet Stack before they impact the business.  

We’re excited to announce that we’ll incorporate WebPageTest into our industry-leading Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) Platform this year, becoming part of Catchpoint’s suite of AI-powered enterprise offerings. This update will enhance our Website Experience solution, marking a significant milestone in our efforts to help you achieve resilience across the entire Internet infrastructure by providing end-user perspective monitoring with AI-powered analytics, dashboarding capabilities, and real user monitoring (RUM).

“Our vision has always been to incorporate WebPageTest into the Catchpoint Platform, empowering enterprises to optimize their website experiences with the best-in-class features of WebPageTest and Catchpoint,”  says Mehdi Daoudi, Founder & CEO of Catchpoint  

For current users of WebPageTest, individual plans will remain accessible through the Catchpoint domain instead of We’re also pleased to announce an upcoming tailored team plan that provides access to Catchpoint’s award-winning enterprise IPM capabilities. This plan will include:

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Security: Catchpoint supports modern enterprise capabilities, including single sign-on (SSO) integration with SAML. This ensures secure and authenticated access to our services. We are committed to safeguarding the security and integrity of your information. This commitment is evident in all aspects of our operations, including software and system architecture design and development, server configuration, and vendor and partner selection.  

RUM and Earth View Dashboard: Gain real-time insights into your users’ actions and identify any performance hiccups before they impact users’ experience. The Earth View Dashboard complements RUM, visually representing global pageviews and performance based on RUM data for quick issue identification and resolution.  

Smartboards: Quickly identify performance issues that affect user experience with AI-powered smartboards and visualizations in a single, interactive view, empowering you to take informed actions.

Global Observability Network: Monitor from every corner of the globe with Catchpoint’s largest active monitoring network worldwide. This extensive network provides unparalleled visibility for all your users, networks, digital services, and applications.  

Complete IPM Visibility and Collaboration: By harnessing Catchpoint’s industry-leading, AI-powered IPM platform, you’ll gain deep operational visibility into every aspect of the Internet that impacts your business.  Effortlessly collaborate with Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) and network engineers in your organization to share critical insights and proactive management.

Today’s digital world demands continuous, proactive monitoring. By incorporating WebPageTest into the Catchpoint IPM Platform, we’re equipping you with the tools to achieve Internet Resilience and deliver a consistently flawless experience for every user, wherever they may be.  

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Watch this space for more WebPageTest updates. Get our Website Experience Solution Brief to discover how to make your website fast, reliable, and resilient, or contact us to learn more.

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Transforming web performance with Catchpoint’s enhanced Website Experience Solution