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Introducing website performance monitoring with WebPageTest!

Introducing Website Performance Monitoring. Easily schedule tests with varied parameters, monitor, and trend key WebPageTest metrics on a single dashboard. Receive alerts on performance thresholds.

Schedule, test, and monitor your website performance metrics in a single dashboard with the new WebPageTest feature in the Catchpoint portal.

For a long time now, we’ve been working behind the scenes to deliver one of the most widely-requested features from the WebPageTest community. WebPageTest results have always been extremely useful for performance audits, ad-hoc performance testing, and lately performance prototyping with Opportunities & Experiments. As some of our more advanced users are well aware, we support CI/CD integrations and homebrewed dashboards with the WebPageTest API.

But for those without the time or resources to build their own dashboards, or for those with complicated or sprawling websites that need serious automation for performance monitoring, it’s been tricky or impossible to get access to a real performance monitoring solution.

The WebPageTest team at Catchpoint is extremely excited to announce that as of today, we are officially supporting website performance monitoring with WebPageTest! You can now schedule, monitor, trend, and alert all the key WebPageTest result metrics over time, locations, devices, and more.

What’s New

  • Monitor all your web pages’ key metrics in a single dashboard
  • Alert individuals when performance thresholds are exceeded
  • Schedule tests with varied parameters (device, network, browser, etc.)
  • Track your Core Web Vitals & Lighthouse scores over time
  • Compare and contrast your web pages between releases
  • Side-by-side competitive website performance comparisons

What’s Familiar

  • Deep dive into all your favorite WebPageTest metrics & insights for every test run!
  • Waterfall charts, filmstrips, advanced test configs, etc.
  • Authentication & testing sandboxed websites

What’s Coming

  • Opportunities – available in the full WebPageTest result
  • Experiments – available with WebPageTest Pro
  • Browser scripting & script recording
  • WebPageTest API access within the Catchpoint portal

Do you want your team to adopt a performance-first mindset when developing new features? Are you passionate about delivering fast, optimized websites to a truly global audience? This is a perfect opportunity to kickstart adoption of a performance culture at your organization, and to get your entire team access to the best monitoring, testing, and optimization tools out there.

Give Website Performance Monitoring a shot today!

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