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In the News – July 2021: Holistic Observability For Modern Applications

Stay up to date on everything happening in the DEM and observability space. In the news – holistic observability for modern applications.

Modern applications are built with modular architecture and serverless operational models. These applications rely on highly distributed infrastructure and resources, which makes it difficult to monitor using legacy DEM tools. Maintaining digital experience across multiple location requires more than just a system health dashboard. A holistic approach to monitoring and observability is the only way you can guarantee exceptional digital experiences.

Digital experience observability can, to a great extent, determine the success and scalability of digital businesses. The effective functioning of every team, from DevOps to SREs to ITOps, depends on the level of visibility they have into the infrastructure and network.

The Catchpoint platform gives you deep insights into your end-to-end stack. Use Catchpoint’s diverse integrations to consolidate data into a single comprehensive dashboard for improved incident management. In this edition of “In the News,” we discuss all the latest Catchpoint enhancements to our offering, all of which have been specially designed to provide the ultimate observability experience. Check out these insightful articles to help you understand how these enhancements complement and improve observability.

APM digest

2021 SRE Report Reveals Need to Expand Boundaries of Observability

SRE teams must look to expand their observability strategies to make sure it includes user experience and business KPIs. This ultimately returns to the driving force behind site reliability engineering as a practice: the passionate desire to solve complex problems. Read More.

Solutions Review

Catchpoint Expands Platform with APM Deep Linking and Integrations

Catchpoint announces major platform enhancements, including Application Performance Management (APM) deep linking and expanded integrations providing enterprises complete user experience visibility, from symptom to cause. Read More.


Catchpoint Expands Platform

Catchpoint surpasses 1,000 Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peers for extending reachability and releases node-to-node testing within its global observability network. To enable the delivery of today’s distributed digital experiences, Catchpoint’s platform is powered by the world’s largest network of active performance observers. Read More.


Catchpoint Expands Platform to Deliver Business-Level Observability

Catchpoint's unique insight ability with expansive REST API and data webhooks, teams can develop normalized capabilities for internal and external users to consume data in the platforms of their choice. Read More.

Search Engine Journal

Performance in a Google Core Web Vitals World

Industry experts share tips for media optimization, page speed, and Core Web Vitals to help improve SEO strategy and page rankings. Read More.

With distributed systems and a global userbase, an effective DEM platform is essential to delivering the best digital experiences. These articles give you a quick snapshot of the evolving nature of DEM and the role of observability in today’s complex IT landscape. For more on Observability and industry trends, download the SRE Report 2021 today!

Synthetic Monitoring
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