Getting More Out of Catchpoint with the User Training Portal

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The end-user experience monitoring industry is growing with greater speed and complexity every day. IT departments now play a critical role in delivering amazing digital experiences, with the firefighters on the front lines tasked with ensuring that the systems which have been put in place are performing at optimal speed and reliability. However, with the pace of technology being what it is, the evolution of end-user experience monitoring often moves faster than the ability of those firefighters to keep up.

Catchpoint is designed to be a trusted partner on the path to digital and business success, and we are committed to making sure our users have all the tools they need to monitor their business-critical assets and services. However, our products and solutions are only as effective as your ability to understand and utilize them. To that end, we are proud to announce the launch of our new training portal!

So what is the training portal? It’s a brand new website where users can log in and learn all the ins and outs of the Catchpoint platform in an interactive, self-paced environment. Featuring step-by-step walkthroughs, how-to videos, instant feedback knowledge checks, and other educational features, our users are now able to learn the best ways to get a complete outside-in view of their customers’ digital experiences.

For those who really want to label themselves end-user experience monitoring experts, certification assessments are available where — upon passing — you’ll receive a badge which you can share on your social media profiles and show off your skills to friends and colleagues. This advanced training is highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand how all the moving parts of their service delivery chain impact the end-user experience. The certification program is also a great way to advance your own professional development and set yourself up for bigger and better things down the road as the end-user experience monitoring industry continues to evolve.

We’re launching the training portal with our synthetic test creation course, and a synthetic analysis “learning path” (a fancy name for a series of courses) covering performance charting, alerting, dashboards, and portal navigation. This is a critical first step for anyone looking to get the most out of their end-user experience monitoring solution, while focusing their time and resources on the issues that are most important to your own organization.

Be sure to swing by the training portal and get started on your road to becoming a Catchpoint expert! And keep an eye out, as we’ll be adding new courses and content regularly.

Published on
Mar 09, 2018
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