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Product News: Closing 2017 with 57 New Synthetic Monitoring Nodes

We finished 2017 with 57 new synthetic monitoring nodes, and that number will continue to climb this year. Stay tuned for more product news and releases.

There are many factors involved in designing and deploying a sound monitoring strategy; monitoring solutions can help you execute that strategy. Making sure they provide the metrics and insight you need to detect and help you identify issues before there is a business impact is critical (in the industry, we call this signal-to-noise ratio).

For this reason, we’ve made building and expanding our global monitoring infrastructure a priority from the get-go, paying close attention to emerging markets and key backbone providers to make sure all of the data collected is useful.

The Catchpoint Infrastructure and Node Operations teams wrapped up 2017 by hitting yet another major milestone in our point of presence (POP) deployments around the globe. We’ve added 57 new synthetic monitoring nodes in 2017, in key markets including 37 in APAC, 14 in EMEA, and 7 in the Americas. These recent additions bring our total number of nodes across backbone, last mile, and wireless to over 700 worldwide.

That number will continue to grow in February once we launch a new class of nodes (stay tuned).

As a trusted customer-centric monitoring platform, our synthetic nodes’ reliability and utility are top priorities for us to provide for our customers. We are constantly monitoring the key backbone providers’ relevancy to ensure that our nodes provide the most meaningful insight to our customers (and we also owe a big thank you to our customers, who are always guiding us).

As the result of customer feedback, we are focusing on adding more last mile nodes and expanding in South America and APAC this year, while reconfiguring our US node population due to the Level3/Century Link merger. We are also going to accelerate our wireless nodes, particularly in China, Brazil, Australia, HK, France, and the UK.

Stay tuned to our blog for more product news regarding our nodes and new feature releases.

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