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Catchpoint In the News – January 2022: The One Where WebPageTest Gets a Glowup

Catchpoint Systems news and trends from January 2022

Catchpoint’s WebPageTest took the spotlight in January, as we unveiled a significant overhaul of the tool’s UI, and several of the product’s team members participated in events and commented on developer trends. Catchpoint was also named one of the 20 coolest cloud and management companies of the 2022 Cloud 100! What an honor.

20 Coolest Cloud Monitoring And Management Companies Of The 2022 Cloud 100

February 1, 2022 | CRN

We were tickled to be highlighted for a variety of factors: unveiling a new integration with Google Cloud, new native support for Google Core Web Vitals, a new digital experience score, and new support for AWS Wavelength zones, as well as our product enhancements around deep linking and user experience visibility.

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Unveiling the new WebPageTest UI

January 27, 2022 | WebPageTest blog

Executing on their mission to build the most comprehensive tools for front-end designers, developers, QA, and more, WebPageTest announced a suite of major UI improvements – and it’s  more than just a fresh coat of paint. Power features such as the ability to test device location, type, and connection speed have been made more accessible and approachable to all users, hoping to encourage more experimentation from seasoned and new users alike. The Results page has also been overhauled, with a focus on key metrics used by modern DevOps and performance teams, including features such as:

  • Core web vitals.
  • Filmstrips and waterfalls.
  • Real-user metrics.

This is just a taste of things to come! Stay tuned for some big announcements.

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To maximize productivity and deliver value to customers more quickly, organizations are creating a new role: Developer Experience Engineer

January 5, 2022 | SD Times

SDTimes spoke to two experts at Catchpoint’s WebPageTest about the importance of a new role: DevEx engineer.

“I think the Dev Experience role is important because it’s not traditional marketing, it’s not traditional sales, it’s not a traditional funnel in any way,” said Tim Kadlec, performance engineering fellow for WebPageTest. “It’s about how we make sure there is as little friction as possible when developers want to use and engage with different tools and products,” adds Jeena James, GM and leader of the WPT developer team. She points out that having a focal point for customer feedback is crucial. “The users themselves, the developers, also get to see certain areas that they can actually help improve for themselves and have this ability to kind of contribute back,” she says. “Having a specific role in place focusing on developer experience gives the developers a place to go with constructive feedback as they work through issues.”

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Web Almanac AMA

On demand

Henri Helvetica of WebPageTest hosted a webinar jointly with the principal authors of the HTTPArchive community, representing the foremost thought leadership in the WebPerf space. They discussed the past, present, and future of the web as presented in the “Web Almanac 2021” study, comprising 8.2 million websites and nearly 40 terabytes of data, all analyzed with WebPageTest.

Key topics included:

  • The global impact on performance metrics and user experience.
  • Factors affecting SEO performance.
  • Modern tools used to build the web, and how they affect real-user experience.
  • Many more PerfTesting use cases.

Watch the webinar.

Catchpoint Profile

January 31, 2022 | Equinix Metal case study

Equinix Metal profiled Catchpoint and interviewed VP of IT Operations Tony Ferrelli as part of its case study program, with a particular emphasis on what sets the company apart from other vendors.

As the article notes, “Catchpoint packs synthetic and real-user monitoring into a single package and makes them available through the largest number of physical node infrastructure in the world, giving customers total control over their environments, configurations and tests.”

In addition, Catchpoint runs its observer network on physical servers, which gives the company full control over the networking stacks of its servers. As the case study highlights, “That’s something that public clouds cannot deliver, even for customers that use physical server instances in the public cloud.”

Read the article.

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