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Catchpoint In the News – August 2021: Bridging the Gap Between IT and Business Teams

August’s media coverage of Catchpoint and our work saw a focus on bridging the gap between IT and business teams. In this post, we summarize the coverage.

August’s media coverage of Catchpoint and our work saw a focus on bridging the gap between IT and business teams.

The Constellation ShortList highlighted eight digital performance management vendors, including Catchpoint, each finding ways to blur the lines between “business and IT to measure and manage the end-to-end transaction delivery.” As Founder and Principal Analyst Ray Wang points out, “It is critical for these technologies to translate the delivery into actionable information to optimize customer experience, as well as the performance of the technologies utilized.”

This year’s SRE Report, put together by Catchpoint in collaboration with VMWare Tanzu and DevOps Institute, was also in the news this month and saw a focus on the need for observability to expand to include digital performance metrics and business KPIs. Several outlets discussed the report’s key discoveries, including the findings centered on the IT to business relationship.

Finally, several news outlets covered the release of Catchpoint’s Digital Experience Score. Zach DeMeyer of Gestalt IT had this to say, “In a world where time is of the essence, yet you can’t just walk down to someone’s desk to fix their issues, Catchpoint’s Digital Experience Score allows you to quickly assess an individual user’s network, apps, and endpoint to suss out the problem at pace. Such a capability ensures that IT teams can rapidly assist their end users even in a distributed environment, much like they would in an office.”

In the News: August 2021

August 26, 2021 | GESTALT IT

Catchpoint’s Digital Experience Score: Comprehensive, Consumable Troubleshooting Insights

On August 10, we announced the Catchpoint Digital Experience Score, which provides the first all-encompassing metric to represent all essential drivers of digital end-user experience. It correlates network and application experiences with user device performance into one score.

Gestalt IT sat down with Neelum Khan, senior manager of product marketing, to understand what the Digital Experience Score means for the enterprise. The wide-ranging conversation encompasses challenges with remote troubleshooting, drilling into IT issues at pace and scale, and a breakdown (from Gestalt IT’s point of view) of how exactly the Digital Experience Score works.

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August 23, 2021 | SOLUTIONS REVIEW

Constellation ShortList for Digital Performance Management Names 8 Providers to Know

Strategic advisory and futurist analyst firm Constellation Research recently released the findings from its Constellation ShortList for Digital Performance Management. This year’s focus was on machine learning and self-service reporting. The independent research paper from Founder and Principal Analyst Ray Wang evaluates more than 25 solutions categorized in the digital performance management (DPM) field. The ShortList narrows those vendors down to just eight solutions, including Catchpoint, that “businesses of all sizes should pay attention to.”

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August 16, 2021 | OUTLOOK SERIES

Catchpoint Digital Experience Score Debuts

Outlook Series spotlighted the new Catchpoint Digital Experience Score, highlighting its unique ability to offer IT teams a quantifiable measurement of employee experience with IT. The article draws out the key capabilities of the experience score, which is a composite of:

  • Endpoint Score: showing the impact an endpoint device is having on user experience.
  • Network Score: showing the impact the network is having on user experience.
  • Application Score: showing the impact one or more applications are having on user experience.

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August 10, 2021 | CIO DIVE

Comprehensive Digital Experience Score for Faster IT Resolution

CIO Dive also highlighted the Catchpoint Digital Experience Score. What makes the score unique is the visibility it provides into all the necessary components of the service delivery chain that account for digital user experience and a comprehensive insight into areas for improvement. It is calculated as an average of the data coming from devices, applications and networks which helps provide an overall summary of what’s occurring, in real time.

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August 4, 2021 | DEVOPS.COM

Where Do SREs Go From Here?

Charlene O’Hanlon, Chief Content Officer at, sat down with Leo Vasiliou, director of product marketing at Catchpoint, to talk about Catchpoint’s annual SRE Report. The conversation covered the report’s key findings and compared them to previous years’, with Leo sharing what had most surprised him in this year’s report: a self-reported drop in toil of 15 percent. “If you look at the entire spectrum of what SREs have to deal with on a daily basis,” said Charlene, “that’s huge in the SRE space.”

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August 3, 2021 | Test Guild

SRE 2021 Report with Leo Vasiliou

Leo sat down with Test Guild podcast host Joe Colantonio to discuss this year’s SRE Survey’s key insights and the SRE Report 2021. Leo shared Catchpoint’s vision to make this, “the most data-backed report of its kind to drive decision-making” for SREs. Key topics covered included value-based SRE activities, insights around toil, SRE budget, AIOps, and the need for the boundaries of observability to expand to include digital experience metrics and business KPIs.

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