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Calling ops & eng practitioners: Take our annual SRE Survey

We’re asking operations and engineering practitioners at all levels to take part in our 7th annual SRE Survey. Find out more and take part!

Amidst a climate of uncertainty and high pressure to maintain continuous reliability and resilience, it’s more important than ever to take the pulse of the SRE and reliability practitioner community.  

To that end, we’re calling for anyone who cares about reliability to take part in our annual SRE Survey.

The voluntary, anonymous survey is intended for all practitioners, leaders, or evangelists who advance “reliability as a feature” making digital services better for themselves, their teams, their business, and their customers.

Please take part – it’ll take you around 10 minutes and will help to supply an invaluable snapshot of the reliability landscape right now.

If you can, please help spread the word by sharing the survey link with your community. Every single participant helps to create a fuller picture. We truly appreciate your involvement and assistance.

Seven years of research

Going into its seventh year, the next SRE Report will draw out key themes and trends in the SRE space, directly based on the answers you provide in the SRE survey. The report also includes a view from the field – active practitioners sharing their perspective on key themes and trends the data reveals.  

Read the latest report (no registration required to download), The SRE Report 2024: Making IT Better.  

2025’s SRE Survey themes

Themes to expect questions on this year include:

  • How you spend your time – These are our year-on-year questions allowing us to benchmark and understand trends around the nature of reliability work over time.
  • The cost of monitoring and observability – Challenges around managing your data in terms of value vs. cost being an example of one of the topics in this area we’re eager to hear your opinion about.
  • Safety – We’re interested in hearing more about the safety of individuals and their teams (i.e. in relation to stress, burnout, layoffs, etc.) and how this impacts the safety of systems over time.
  • AI – We want to know how you think AI will impact your work, how you feel about it, and its likely usefulness in relation to reliability activities over the next 12 months.

What are you waiting for?

Here’s the link to the survey to share your input:  

It’s our hope that in taking the survey, it’ll inspire you to reflect on the nature of your individual work, that of your team and company, and the wider field.  

Thank you! Without your involvement, the report would not be possible.

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Calling ops & eng practitioners: Take our annual SRE Survey