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10 Years – keeping pace with technology

A look at some of the tools Catchpoint uses to support our customers and employees.

In the world of information technology, change is the only constant. We have come a long way in the last ten years; the internet continues to impact every part of our daily life. From ordering groceries with a voice command to joining conferences remotely from any corner of the world, we are more mobile and connected than ever before.

The tech industry thrives on innovation. A company stops progressing the moment innovation is side-tracked. At Catchpoint, we have always been proactive in implementing and adopting the latest in technology to provide path-breaking services to our customers as well as our employees.

Over the years we have used multiple tools to support sales, marketing, internal communication, and customer services. While we stuck with some of these tools, there were others that we stopped using or replaced with more efficient tools.

The IT space is never short of competition. There is always a newer product available built using the latest technology and offering the best in customer service. Tech giants and start-ups should be open to adopting new technologies while constantly evaluating the efficiency and relevance of the tools they already use.

Catchpoint understands how important it is to keep pace with growing trends in the industry and that our customers expect us to provide and use only the best in the industry. The array of tools we have used over the last decade is a testament to our proactive culture.

Whenever we felt the need for a more comprehensive solution or the need for a single consolidated platform that could multi-task, Catchpoint implemented alternatives or signed up for better, more effective solutions.

In this blog, we look at some of the tools that make it easy to manage and track daily tasks. Tools that have helped improve overall productivity within the company.

Starting with our sales team:

  • Salesforce: We use one of the most popular customer relationship management tools. Salesforce plays a major role in the sales cycle. It enables our sales team to track the sales pipeline, customer history, and work more efficiently quarter after quarter.
  • Outreach: This is another important sales management tool to keep track of prospects and customer engagement that aims to keep us connected with our customers.
  • Rainking: The tool is a marketing data provider that gives business information about different companies to help us research the companies we work with.

Marketing is another major part of any company. It is responsible for building brand visibility, crafting stories and messages, and generating interest in the company.  There are hundreds of online marketing management tools available today. These tools handle every aspect of marketing including online campaigns and social media outreach. Some of the marketing tools we use include:

  • Marketo: Marketo is a popular marketing tool that drives our digital marketing efforts. It has been instrumental in helping us evaluate our marketing strategy and in building more effective campaigns.
  • MailChimp: It is important to keep our customers informed about everything, from exciting new releases to industry updates. We use MailChimp to reach out to not just existing customers; we also reach out to subscribers and others who are interested in Catchpoint.
  • Buffer: Our social media marketing is managed by Buffer. The Buffer platform gives us all the tools we need to broaden our presence in social media and stay connected with customers.

We have employees working different shifts across multiple time zones. Keeping employees connected and providing a common platform to exchange ideas and share knowledge is foremost in defining the Catchpoint culture. Here are some of the tools helping us with this:

  • Office 365: Microsoft Outlook handles all the emails exchanged here at Catchpoint. We rely heavily on the email service and it keeps the employees and customers well connected anywhere and anytime.
  • MS teams: The Teams app is another popular communication tool that adds to the existing email platform. The tool connects different teams and allows employees to chat and collaborate with anyone in the organization in real-time.
  • Yammer: With offices and teams spread across multiple cities around the world, we needed a platform that would serve as a company notice board as well as a space to share knowledge. Yammer provides Catchpoint employees with an internal tool to post images, documents, videos, and share company-wide updates.

The tools we use at Catchpoint have evolved with technology. We discarded outdated tools and replaced them with tools that integrated the latest technology trends and supported our evolving needs. We are constantly evaluating the value each tool brings to the business, how it elevates the service we provide to our customers, and how it impacts employee productivity. In addition to this, we give the highest priority to tools that provide a secure environment and offer the best in terms of availability and performance across devices and across different locations around the globe – we are after all focused on improving the digital experience of applications, including those used by our employees.

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