Prevent costly issues with real-time BGP Monitoring

Improve BGP visibility, security, and performance with Catchpoint's patented monitoring solution.

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BGP route leaks and prefix hijacks are growing

We all rely on the internet, and the internet depends on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). However, BGP was never designed with a focus on security. Due to its lack of any in-built packet-authentication mechanism, it is vulnerable to deliberate attacks and innocent misconfigurations. Catchpoint BGP Monitoring helps ensure network reachability and a great digital experience for your end users. Catchpoint has unrivaled coverage and unique BGP functionality, allowing you to detect problems at a glance and prevent BGP hijacking.

View and pinpoint all BGP routing issues from one dashboard

Elevate your BGP performance with real-time detection, global status insights, and streamlined management for enhanced routing and reachability.

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Improve routing and reachability

BGP troubleshooting has never been easier. Detect and alert in real time on hijacks, leaks, and misconfigurations.

Get a global status view

Sort your BGP prefixes by location so you can quickly see and understand geographic status across the globe.

Manage BGP prefixes together

See all your BGP prefixes (up to 500!) in one glance using a single dashboard.

Stop Internet outages in their tracks. We can help.

Unparalleled real-time insight via three sources of BGP routing data

Get real-time insights and automated alerts for enhanced network security with Catchpoint's seamless integration of BGP data sources.

Gain a unique, real-time advantage

Let Catchpoint plug you into direct-peer, close-to-the source collections for real-time BGP insights.

Leverage Route Views and RIPE RIS

Take advantage of BGP data from Route Views and RIPE RIS with regular updates from worldwide data sources.

Use real-time alerting for better security

Forget having to define test frequencies or locations - define your criteria and let Catchpoint do the rest.

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Andreas Lunz

Head of Technology

We were never able to monitor reachability in this detail before using the Catchpoint solution. Now we can figure out whether an issue is related to a BGP announcement, routing or something else instead of blindly trusting our partners that everything is working as it should.

Slice and dice your route data, and drill down deeply with filters

Efficiently organize and analyze your route data with filters. Search by factors like peer or region and use advanced filters to identify issues quickly.

bgp drill down data view

Filter on key criteria

Search by peer, continent, country, regional registry, or collector, and benefit from true hop-by-hop visibility.

Slice by any dimension

Gain insight into the different data sources, the origin Autonomous Systems (AS) and neighbor ASes, and the prefix answers.

Determine root cause - fast

Combine powerful filters with dimensional views to uncover issues with more confidence in less time.

Unlock unrivaled BGP monitoring with Catchpoint's patented solution

Our patented system represents a BGP milestone by reducing the number of BGP neighbors crossed to reach the target autonomous system, solving the problem of BGP data incompleteness in route collectors.

Unmatched capability

Our unique system maximizes our BGP monitoring capabilities, enabling us to detect global routing anomalies rapidly. 

Enhanced visibility

This innovative approach also helps us identify the most valuable ASes to observe to obtain a complete picture of the state of BGP worldwide.

Your Internet Resilience ally

As a Catchpoint customer, you’ll enjoy:

  • A dedicated customer success team to keep you informed on industry-leading best practices, tests, integrations - as well as to guide you through any questions you may have along the way
  • Access to 24/7 tierless support from seasoned monitoring and observability experts
  • Expert services to help you get maximum value from Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM)
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Join our BGP Partner Program

We partner with an ever-growing list of network operators around the world to receive real-time routing information updates to support our BGP Monitoring solution. As a Catchpoint partner, you will get access to our Internet Performance Monitoring platform for BGP Monitoring and other performance related measurements.

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