White Paper

Preventing Outages in 2023: What We Learned from Recent Failures

In-depth analysis of key Internet outages across the past 18 months, from AWS to Facebook; includes six critical lessons for IT teams to improve Internet Resilience.

The biggest lesson of the last eighteen months is that no matter how big a service provider is, they can still fail. Failures happened from the giants of the Internet: from AWS to Facebook to Google Cloud. No one can be 100% certain it won’t happen to them – or it won’t happen again. Also, since so many of us are reliant on the cloud for hosting infrastructure and services our developers would have previously coded and maintained, the ripple effect when a cloud provider goes down can be huge. The impact downstream makes it even more essential you understand what to do when (not if) a failure happens.  

At Catchpoint, we report on major outages as they happen. We can detect them before anyone else and discover the areas impacted (often those areas that teams don’t think will have been affected).

In Preventing Outages in 2023, we share six key lessons to take away along with ten of our in-depth blog posts from Catchpoint experts that have teased apart the recent set of failures.