Outage Prevention Checklist

The number of major outages we have seen recently is a stark reminder of how complicated and fragile the internet is. What can we do to prevent disruption or mitigate damages?

At Catchpoint, we believe that planning for outages is essential. Your teams need to know what to do if a change breaks a system - or if they are caught downstream, hit by slowdowns, or knocked offline by the problems of a larger internet player.

Our Outage Prevention Checklist is a concise guide put together by our engineering team to help you develop or refine your outage prevention and mitigation strategy.

What’s inside? You'll find actionable tips for:

  • Prevention and preparation
  • Effective tactics during an outage
  • Conducting a postmortem

Download the Checklist today and learn how to rapidly correct issues in the moment and improve your response in the future.

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