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Essential CDN Monitoring for Digital-First Organizations: The Authoritative Guide

Content delivery networks (CDNs) have been around for over two decades. They have evolved from their foundational role serving content faster and closer to the end user to include features like the ability to upload content, optimize performance, and provide load balancing. As such, CDNs have become an inherent part of digital-first organizations.

Since CDNs impact the global end-user experience and all data moves through the CDN infrastructure, it is essential to gain visibility into that network. CDN Monitoring lets businesses detect and mitigate outages, evaluate the DNS performance of your CDN and improve global performance levels, among other things.

Download the white paper from CDM Media to find out more about:
  • Ten key best practices for CDN Monitoring.   
  • How eBay and Walmart evaluate and monitor their CDNs.
  • The different role RUM and Synthetic play in CDN Monitoring.
  • Why digital-first organizations must monitor their CDNs.