Ensuring Cloud Reliability in 2022: What the Outages of 2021 Taught Us

AWS. Akamai. Amazon. Facebook. Fastly. Google. Salesforce. In 2021, outages hit all of these Internet titans. No one can be 100 percent certain it won’t happen to them – or it won’t happen again. That’s why it’s critical to fully understand what you need to do when – not if – such a failure happens.

At Catchpoint, we report on major outages as they happen. We are able to detect them before anyone else, frequently even before the provider posts about the issue on their status page. We can also identify the areas impacted, which are often precisely those components that teams do not think may have been affected.

In Ensuring Cloud Reliability in 2022, we share nine lessons learned from the failures of 2021, and our in-depth incident reviews of the most significant recent outages, from AWS to Facebook.

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