2018 SRE Report

In January of 2018, Catchpoint surveyed 416 Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) to understand what it really means to be an SRE and the types of organizations, skills, and cultures that exist where SREs work. The report examines four key survey findings, including automation needs and service-level indicators, and provides a comprehensive profile of today's SREs.

The report sought insight on the following questions:

  • Who are SREs? What is their experience level, background, and skill set?
  • Where do SREs work? What types of organizations hire SREs, and what is the team structure and culture?
  • What are they doing? How is their time spent and their role defined?
  • How are they doing it? What tools and processes are SREs using on a daily basis, and what metrics and methods do they use to define success?
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