CLOUD ApplicationS

Complete observability for cloud-based applications

Complex, dynamic application architectures require 360° observability

Cloud applications rely on a distributed mesh of components designed to deliver an overall experience. These dynamic architectures often depend on microservices and containers – and span multiple first- or third-party cloud environments. To cut through this complexity, DevOps teams need to clearly see how the performance and reliability of individual components affect the quality of the overall application – and user experience.

Comprehensive telemetry for every stage of the DevOps lifecycle

Detect reliability issues - fast

Cut costs by catching and fixing performance and reliability issues at their earliest stage.

Easily release and deploy

See the performance change impact by specific versions or other critical application dimensions.

Continually optimize performance and reach

Proactively monitor application reach and reliability from the world’s largest observability network.

Your purpose-built experience observability platform

Power your observability frameworks

Correlate internal application health indicators with experience metrics using out-of-the-box or custom integrations. 

Reduce tool sprawl and improve collaboration

Leverage a unified platform with diverse observer types to reduce sprawl, break down communication silos, and gain end-to-end visibility.

Own the total experience

Gain instant experience insights using AI-powered smartboards, intelligent alerts, and sleek navigation.

With Catchpoint, we can instantly appear as an end user in any part of the world even if we don’t have technical resources on demand and replicate the user experience. We can increase time to resolution and solve problem cases on our own in minutes.

Misha Kuperman
VP of Cloud Operations


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