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Manage SaaS performance for your hybrid workforce

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SaaS is here to stay and grow:
it's time to safeguard your investment

From enabling employee creativity and collaboration to supporting customer engagements, SaaS covers most of your business needs. IT also benefits by outsourcing applications, hosting, and maintenance to third-parties. However, this environment can also hold unpredictable network challenges that diminish user experience.

How can you protect your investment and ensure a high quality of service for an IT environment you can't control? With Catchpoint, you gain the end-to-end observability you need to understand your SaaS applications' health, performance, and business impact, all in one place, at lightning speed.

Deliver a service that is available and reachable - from anywhere, all the time

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Ensure 24x7x365 reachability

Complement our zero-touch global network of active observers with visibility from all sites, data centers, and remote employee locations to ensure delivery of your SaaS applications across every critical service provider.

Make every decision based on empirical evidence

Make informed decisions about SaaS deployments using multi-dimensional insights into application performance and outages, encompassing geography, network and pre-prod vs. production environments.

Be equipped for failure

Diagnose issues across user connectivity, public and private networks, and application layers to speed issue remediation and swiftly initiate contingency plans.

Maximize your SaaS investments

Dive into the future of SaaS application monitoring with Catchpoint and discover how to ensure seamless availability and performance for your hybrid workforce.

Maira Zarate

Application Monitoring Engineer

Many parts of Autodesk’s business – from customer support to operations – rely upon SaaS applications like for important functions. Catchpoint’s SaaS monitoring and alerting help the IT team keep our lines of business up and running.

Support your users proactively

Reduce the number of tickets

Free up IT resources by empowering remote workers to self-remediate problems independently, and prevent repeat and duplicate tickets with proactive alerting.

Accelerate MTTR

Diagnose and resolve user-impacting IT issues faster with easily shareable AI-powered smartboards and visualizations, revealing actionable insights.

Enable employee productivity at scale

Deliver fast response times when your team needs it the most by identifying slow running components and optimizing application performance.

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Ensure your SaaS environments meet business needs

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Measure rollout success

Compare performance pre- and post-application deployment to validate success, control impact on employees, and provide day-to-day support.

Handle vendor relationships

Proactively baseline performance from endpoint to application to create vendor management playbooks and ensure you deliver the right service levels.

Make smart forecasts

Use unaggregated historical data to demonstrate success, and accurately forecast future performance trends and business outcomes.


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