Distributed observations for distributed CDNs

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Ensure the integrity of experience delivery

There's a reason why the top 15 CDN providers trust Catchpoint. Each CDN point of presence represents additional surface area for potential failure. With our agentless observation capabilities, you can easily monitor holistically or regionally - across one CDN or multiple CDNs.

Optimize CDN performance and reachability

Monitor critical CDN KPIs

Monitor cache ratios, compare origin performance, and ensure traffic is coming from the closest PoP.

Isolate regional incidents

Detect “all down” or regional outages with the world’s largest set of active observers.

Simulate failover scenarios

Override requests to run what-ifs and other chaos exercises - all without changing one line of code.

Stop Internet Outages in their tracks, we can help

Protect your investments and go global

Optimize CDN costs

Efficiently manage OpEx by ensuring CDN components remain properly configured.

Manage multi-CDN implementations

Analyze CDN data in aggregate, or benchmark individual performance in a unified, customizable view.

Expand internationally

Create CDN maps and know which CDN is most suitable for use in your various markets.

With the data that Catchpoint provides us, we were able to quickly and easily identify an issue that was actually with a vendor rather than us. In Catchpoint, you can dig into these charts to see sources and destinations, addresses, and a lot more data that becomes valuable when troubleshooting.

Hooman Beheshti
VP of Technology



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