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JigenTec Wins New Business with Catchpoint

JigenTec is a Taiwan-based software consultancy specializing in bridging the gap between Western and Asian markets. The company’s team of professionals has decades of experience operating in the Asia Pacific region. JigenTec builds, operates, and innovates software for a variety of European and North American businesses – such as those in online gaming and fintech – looking to win over the digital audience in Asia Pacific. JigenTec worked with Catchpoint to:

·     Win new business.

·     Analyze China-specific issues.

·     Guide strategic recommendations.

·     Gain more insight into Asia Pacific market differentiators.

<$5 million
Taipei, Taiwan
Media and Entertainment

Catchpoint enables us to make data-driven recommendations that help us close more deals by winning over both the business and technology sides of a prospective client.

Kyle Wiltshire


With a focus on helping companies crack the China market by ensuring optimal web and application performance, JigenTec invests in the tools that help it measure that performance. Years ago, it had been a customer of Gomez and remained a customer when Dynatrace acquired Gomez. However, according to Kyle Wiltshire, CEO of JigenTec, Dynatrace radically changed its platform and dropped links to Gomez.

“While we use our experience to make smart recommendations, we are strong believers in letting data help make decisions and prove the results. Once Dynatrace started making changes, we could no longer get the granular data we needed so we had to make a change,” Wiltshire explains.


A careful evaluation of active observability solutions led Wiltshire to Catchpoint. He was impressed with Catchpoint’s monitoring network coverage worldwide, particularly in China. This industry-leading coverage means Catchpoint can feed JigenTech more data. Plus, Catchpoint provides the tools to drill down and zero in on problems. For Wiltshire, this was an essential differentiator.

“Many companies operating in the modern Internet ecosystem can gather lots of data but find it hard to make sense of it. We often need to help prospective and existing clients make sense of that data, and when it comes to application and website performance, more of the right data makes a difference. That’s what we get with Catchpoint,” continues Wiltshire.

To paint a full performance picture for clients, JigenTec makes use of multiple sophisticated tools, including Catchpoint and several other vendors, and even human testers. “It’s important that we use multiple means and data feeds to get an accurate view of performance,” continues Wiltshire.

Winning New Business

JigenTec customizes its services to fit the unique needs of each client – and it starts with the pre-sales process. The company is unique in that its analysts run many reports to show prospective clients their current state along with benchmark comparisons against competitors.

In fact, JigenTec uses Catchpoint extensively when working to win business. With Catchpoint active observability, there’s no need for the company’s IT or engineering teams to sign off on tests. “Our analysts can run their own tests, giving them the freedom to generate data and get conversations started. It’s a much better way to engage prospective clients, giving them real information to make decisions,” explains Wiltshire.

In one situation, a JigenTec client that produces scores and statistics for sports around the world found that its site was loading quickly in China but the dynamic data transfer experienced high latency at times of peak congestion. Because Catchpoint has hundreds of nodes in China alone, JigenTec was able to easily isolate the problem. “We dug into the relevant URL over a specific time frame and were able to show the client the reason for the slow down when it came to transferring real-time data,” says Wiltshire.

In another case, a client wondered if it should worry about domain name system (DNS )failures. Using Catchpoint, JigenTec was able to show trends and how the client compared to its competitors. “We can answer client questions with authority and certainty because of Catchpoint,” he continues.

Guiding Strategic Recommendations

JigenTec’s clients usually expand into China as part of strategic business plans. In line with that, JigenTec often recommends these companies make expensive investments in infrastructure or other enabling elements. With Catchpoint, JigenTec can prove the value of its recommendations.

“We rely upon Catchpoint to share data visually via charts and graphs showing how we’ve helped our clients improve their performance. For example, we might show an online gaming company improvements in uptime and load time, while showing the before and after once our clients change network providers,” Wiltshire explains.

Gaining More Insight into Asia Pacific

The fact that Catchpoint has deployed so many monitoring locations in Asia Pacific is incredibly valuable to JigenTec. Even though clients might focus on penetrating the China market, they are often concerned about how their presence in China fares in the wider Asia-Pac market.

“Catchpoint’s many monitoring locations in Asia Pacific helps JigenTec execute in-country comparisons and show clients if they are on par with Korea and Japan, for example. According to Wiltshire, “The ability to compare different markets with the same Catchpoint software is invaluable. Plus, through Catchpoint we get the volume of data we need over time to identify and close performance gaps.”


With Catchpoint, JigenTec has the sophisticated, far-reaching monitoring it needs to win business and keep clients happy. “Every client is different so we can’t take a cookie-cutter approach with each one. We’re dealing with different types of technology, environments, context, and more, and Catchpoint helps us understand performance in any situation,” says Wiltshire.

In addition, Catchpoint enables JigenTec to succeed with its data-driven philosophy. As Wiltshire explains, its industry and the business culture are very opaque. “We’re more trusted because we provide tons of data and can provide specific answers thanks to Catchpoint. In fact, now that we’ve proven ourselves with many large companies, we’re seeing our business expand into adjacent markets in Taiwan and Japan,” concludes Wiltshire.