Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring

See a complete outside-in view of the real user experience


Empower Your Business

Make better IT decisions with real user data and algorithms to predict business outcomes of IT projects prior to deployment.

Manage Change
Measure the effect of product releases, A/B tests, or infrastructure modifications against your baseline performance.

Boost User Engagement
Understand how performance changes can affect user management.

Optimize Reliability
Analyze various performance metrics across all ISPs and devices in multiple geographies.


Understand How All Moving Parts Affect Real Users

Generate deeper, faster user insights with true multi-dimensional analysis of millions of interactions in real time.

Expansive Dataset
Collect all data including geography, network, browser, page elements, or custom insights to visualize and understand performance.

Third-Party Analysis
Understand performance impact across all hosts and providers referenced on your pages.

Detailed Trending Analysis
View real-time performance and create custom data-views to analyze performance trends.


Focus Your Time and Resources

Easily identify performance problems with the highest impact to end users to focus on what matters most.

Algorithm-Driven Dashboards
Intuitive displays to see all relevant information on a single screen, helping you find answers fast.

Break Data Down by Highest Impact
Maximize ROI by viewing page and data attributes that contributed to changes.

Analytics That Work for You
Detect issues and gather insights from algorithms that are continuously improving to provide you the greatest value.


Detect and Fix Issues Fast

Manage your end-user experience and resolve issues faster with smarter real-time alerts and data.

Predict Outages
Automatically analyze real user data to detect geographical outages using purpose built algorithms.

Cut Through the Noise
Isolate poor performing components such as local ISP/ASN, bandwidth, front-end and back-end processing, and third parties.

Detect Anomalies
Uncover anomalies such as regional traffic changes or an increased bounce rate.


Effectively Monitor No Matter What Technologies You Use

Quickly deploy real user monitoring with flexible solution deployment that best fits your organization’s needs.

JavaScript Tag
Use our JavaScript tag to see page-level metrics, resource timings, and errors to understand user experience.

Deploy your app with our SDK to understand how code execution time, crashes, and resource utilization affect end users.

Send data securely via our API by deploying your own custom client instrumentation code.


Continuously Improve Service Delivery

Synthetic and real user monitoring on a single platform enables you to understand and optimize your service delivery.

Improve Mean Time to Resolution
Triage issues and take immediate action with intelligent real-time alerting and contextual troubleshooting information.

Make Strategic Decisions
Determine necessary infrastructure changes and understand how providers affect your real users.

RUM for all
All synthetic customers have access to Platform RUM, providing access to core features and the ability to capture 1.5M pageviews per month.

"Catchpoint’s RUM tool stands out from all the others that we evaluated because it allows us to send our own custom metric from the page to our portal, so that we can see what the actual customer experience looks like from different parts of the world."

Alpesh Shah, Dir. of Application Development, AppNexus
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