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What Our Clients Say

Most of the world’s most innovative digital businesses rely on Catchpoint’s solutions to deliver an amazing customer experience and protect their brands.

"Not only can we more quickly identify and resolve problems, but Catchpoint’s analytics have helped us uncover many new opportunities for system and business improvement. With Catchpoint, we can do significantly more monitoring for the same cost. We have already realized major improvements in web performance that we believe directly impact customer satisfaction.”

“The only way that you can understand what the customer experience is like, is execute those same transactions synthetically from those various locations. That’s why Catchpoint was very attractive to us. They have a very large diverse global footprint, and they have a presence in many of the areas that Honeywell has a large customer base.”

“Catchpoint is an exceptional company that offers superior solutions and services for our unique needs. Simply put, Catchpoint records more data, they give us more information, they store it longer, and they make it easier for us to analyze and get deeper insight, ultimately allowing us to make better informed business decisions.”

"It is our standard support procedure to try to replicate customer issues and share the results with them so our customers and support team are on the same page when working on performance issues. We rely on Catchpoint for this, which saves us significant amount of time in our support process. Catchpoint technical support is also superb."

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Use the world’s largest monitoring infrastructure to collect performance data
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