Real User Measurement

Real User Measurement

Drive business value by understanding customer experience delivery


Correlate End-User Experience and Revenue

Make better IT decisions that will drive your business, without margin of error.

Manage Change
Measure the effect of site changes, product releases, A/B test, or infrastructure modifications against your performance baseline.

Boost User Engagement
Understand how performance affects user engagement and identify opportunities for optimization.

Optimize Reliability
Analyze various performance metrics in all geographies, ISPs, and devices.


Accelerate User Insights

Generate deeper, faster user insights with true multi-dimensional analysis of millions of interactions in real time.

Expansive Dataset
Apply unique pre-built or custom metrics and dimensions like geography, network, and browser.

Consume Your Data, Your Way
Leverage pre-built visualizations and data views or build your own.

Detailed Trending Analysis
Analyze current performance down to the second and historical trends.


Stay on Top of Performance Issues

Manage your customer experience and enable faster resolution with smarter real-time alerts and data.

Predict Outages
Automatically analyze RUM data using purpose-built algorithms.

Cut Through the Noise
Isolate poorly performing components such as local ISP/ASN, bandwidth, front-end and back-end processing, and third parties.

Detect Anomalies
Uncover anomalies such as regional traffic changes or increased bounce rate.


Deploy Faster

Quickly start measuring your real user performance with flexible solution deployment that best fits your organization’s needs.

JavaScript Tag
Use our JavaScript tag to see page-level metrics, resource timings, and errors to understand user experience.

Deploy your app with our SDK to understand how code execution time, crashes, and resource utilization affect end users.

Send data via our API to reduce security risk to your applications.


Continuously Improve Service Delivery

Understand and optimize your entire service delivery through integrated real user measurement and synthetic monitoring.

Preempt Issues
Ensure optimal service delivery across all layers of your service in QA and production environments with continuous testing.

Improve Mean Time to Resolution
Triage issues and take immediate action with intelligent real-time alerting and root-cause analysis.

Make Strategic Decisions
Determine necessary infrastructure changes and understand how providers affect your service delivery.

"This proved to be the easiest business case that I’ve ever made to the Honeywell executive team. Catchpoint paid for itself during the proof of concept period, before we even signed up as an official customer."

Paul Fries, Monitoring Leader, Honeywell

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