Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic Monitoring

Continuous performance monitoring from any location


Preempt Issues Before Your Customers Are Affected

Troubleshoot faster and reduce complexity with deeper real-time insight.

Smarter Detection
Set advanced alerts with dynamic thresholds such as trend shifts and baseline deviations.

Faster Identification
Capture detailed data, including server and system visibility, to immediately identify the failing component.

Easier Troubleshooting
Get troubleshooting guidance from extended debugging information with every alert and issue.


Gain Comprehensive End-User Experience Visibility

Monitor everything from development to production that can affect your end-user experience.

End-user Performance
See web and mobile sites, apps, and APIs in real time at the most granular level for the most extensive insights into your systems.

Third Parties
Manage the performance of all external providers, from CDNs to tags, and understand their individual impact on your service delivery.

Network Protocols & ISPs
Detect network instability in real time to correlate the issue to specific events such as ISP health or DDoS attacks to optimize performance across the entire delivery chain.

Most Extensive Monitor Types for Complete Coverage


Monitor and measure your website utilizing Chrome or Internet Explorer.


Use Selenium script to monitor transactions with 1+ webpages and actions.


Monitor and measure your mobile site by loading 1+ mobile webpage actions.


Load a snippet of HTML to measure the downloading and rendering of HTML.


Run queries continuously to recursively or directly measure your infrastructure.


Use a scripting language to run API transactions and measure performance.


Run ICMP, UDP, and TCP pings to measure issues with a specific server.


Connect to an SMTP server to monitor a mail server, and send test emails.


Run ICMP, UDP, and TCP traceroutes to measure latency and packet loss.


Measure performance by establishing a connection and sending data.


Monitor and measure the performance and availability of a remote FTP server.


Connecting to a host and port with the option to send request data.


Measure request components, like buffering and bandwidth, of a stream.


Connect to and run Shell commands to measure performance of a server.


Monitor and measure the performance and availability of any NTP server.


Connect to an IMAP server to monitor a mail server, search, fetch, and send test emails.


Globally Distributed Monitoring Infrastructure

Test from where your end users are across geographies and networks to gain an external view of the delivery of your digital experience.

Backbone Networks
Monitor apps and services from key internet carriers for an actionable view of your service.

Consumer ISPs
Understand your true performance as experienced by end users directly from the consumer network.

Mobile Networks
Gain visibility into your mobile end-user experience from cellular networks.


Monitor from Your Physical Locations

Monitor your own internal applications and services from your offices, retail locations, branches, and data centers (and even your airplanes).

Deploy with Flexibility
Monitor in your locations using our OnPrem physical or virtual appliances.

Manage Complexities
Pinpoint problems across different layers including your network, DNS, and vendors such as cloud providers, SaaS providers, and ISPs.

Reduce Troubleshooting Costs
Gain deep visibility into availability and performance to reduce the time and cost it takes to identify and resolve problems.


Generate Deeper Insight in Real Time

Access flexible, multi-dimensional analytics and perform in-depth historical analysis with up to five years of record-level data.

Dive into Components
Explore raw data and slice and dice on any dimension to uncover performance trends that are hidden in aggregated data.

Consume Your Data, Your Way
Leverage robust, pre-built visualizations or bring your own to Catchpoint.

Share the Knowledge
Create and view customizable dashboards and reports in real time and share them for seamless communication.


Continuously Improve Service Delivery

Correlate digital experience to business metrics and prioritize issue management with integrated real user and synthetic monitoring.

Enhance Monitoring Strategy
Identify problematic pages, critical paths by network, devices, and browsers to continuously improve development testing.

Optimize IT Operations Resources
Understand the correlation of site performance and user engagement metrics.

Understand and Validate Change
Understand the effect that change and design have on the end-user experience.

Speed Up Time To ROI

Get instant access to real-time data through a multi-tenant SaaS solution with no software to install.


"With Catchpoint, we can proactively monitor everything web—FTP and HTTP requests, APIs, or multi-step transactions. Their UI is very intuitive and flexible, and their analytics are very impressive."

Director of Performance Engineering, Verizon Digital Media Services

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