ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow Integration

Correlate and enrich Catchpoint alerts with contextual data from other events using ServiceNow.

Modernize IT Service Management

Ensuring the right people are notified of an incident can be challenging in today’s complex environment. Managing different contact preferences, escalation procedures, and alerts from different monitoring solutions can result in a critical alert being missed. Consolidating notifications, contact details, routing, and escalations can help organizations manage incidents more effectively. With the Alert Webhook, Catchpoint alerts can be sent directly to ServiceNow to quickly resolve service incidents.

Reduce Alert Fatigues

On-call schedules and escalations notify the right people at the right time and can help eliminate alert fatigue.

Centralize Information

Reduce administrative overhead and enable users to manage all their notification preferences in a single place ensuring that critical alerts are not missed.

Reduce MTTR

Quickly route alerts to key stakeholders to resolve incidents faster.

ServiceNow Integration Guide

Basic Tool Information

ServiceNow provides companies a single platform to manage their services such as closing incidents, responding to alerts, managing customer requests, solving employee issues and addressing routine tasks. You can connect Catchpoint and ServiceNow to receive Catchpoint alerts directly in your ServiceNow centralized alerting system.

Useful Links

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Catchpoint Integration

Catchpoint’s Alert Webhook allows Catchpoint to integrate with other tools by pushing data when a test triggers an alert. Any tool supporting Webhooks or providing a URL to POST data can be used. Alert Webhook templates can be customized to fit a tool’s format and content-type using macros. If a template needs modification, please contact Catchpoint Support.
We are happy to assist you in creating a template meeting your requirements. Below, you will find the integration guide on setting up and customizing templates. These guides are standard workflows created by Catchpoint focused on creating and confirming an API template to be consumed by this tool. Catchpoint does its best to ensure the relevance of these guides and will be happy to assist in implementing a guide as described.

Catchpoint - ServiceNow Integration Steps

Web Tool Setup

No installation is required.

Catchpoint Setup

To get Catchpoint alerts into your stream, login into the Catchpoint Portal and go to Settings > API.
1. In the Alert Webhook, select Enable
2. Enter the ServiceNow Endpoint URL
3. Set Status to Active
4. Select Template for Format
5. Add a new template
6. Enter the template name e.g. ServiceNow and set the Format to JSON. Add Request Settings to match the below image. Please note that the <ENCODED> value in the Authorization Request settings should be replaced with your Key and Secret.

7. Use the following sample JSON Template and save it.

8. Catchpoint will now send alerts directly to the ServiceNow platform.

Alert Macro Index

A full list of the Alert Webhook Macros can be found at:

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