Detect and Preempt
Performance Issues Faster

Optimize Your Performance for Amazing User Experiences

Continuous synthetic monitoring gives you the control to catch performance problems before your users are impacted.

Discover Earlier

Our real-time analytics allow you to pinpoint the issues that are plaguing your systems and resolve them before your users are impacted. Stay ahead of the curve to minimize the damage of inevitable failures, like packet loss and slow services.

Manage Complexities

Unravel the intricacies of your systems by drilling down into your data across several layers like your network and DNS vendors, such as cloud providers, SaaS providers, and ISPs.

Increase Profit

Growing your revenue and reducing IT costs just got a lot easier. Eliminate the time you waste troubleshooting false positives and discover the issues that were going unnoticed by utilizing our multidimensional analytics and integrations.

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Real-Time Performance Analytics for Every Situation

Use our vast selection of features and analysis options to achieve all of your performance goals.

Extensible data provides an acute picture of your systems. Get a comprehensive, real-time understanding of your performance, including information about your server name, domain name, processing time, and more. Using extensive host, zones, and request charting, you can detect and preempt issues with your third party vendors. Simplify the complexities of your infrastructure to drill down further and preempt issues faster.

Using enhanced data, you have complete visibility into your mobile performance. Sift through the complexities of your networks to discover the root causes of issues and failures. More detailed data gives you the power to make informed IT and business decisions.

Your business partners, clients, and applications depend on your API end points. Overcome network complexities and locate third party obstructions with vast data collection and charting abilities. Collect compelling application performance data that will give you the ability to bring deep-rooted issues to the surface.

Dynamic Monitoring Features

Catchpoint Synthetic delivers advanced monitoring features that create a more efficient and productive workflow for your IT department.

Customizable windows provide a view of the real-time test-health and performance information throughout all of your tests; all of which can be done without navigating to a new page or needing to refresh. You can create a dashboard for each of your teams, and tailor the widgets to fit their individual needs.

Capture network health information with Ping and Traceroute monitors; application health with custom metrics; and code health by storing HTTP headers, HTML, and JS errors. Get a better understanding of the visual experience with Filmstrip and Screenshot. Our nodes are equipped with Wireshark and Cloudshark, which allows you to inspect performance down to the packet level.

Monitor and manage your entire network ecosystem. Pinpoint issues with your third parties, such as ads and CDNs, faster with third party monitoring and alerting. Host and Request level analysis make delving into third party data efficient and effective, so you can fix the problems before your users are impacted.

Alerting goes beyond availability, response times, and hard thresholds with the most extensive set of alert options on the market. Each alert contains all of the information you need in one view, allowing you to troubleshoot issues faster and reduce time-to-resolution.

Clear Analytics Paint a Compelling Picture of Performance

Powerful visualizations and adaptive analysis options make understanding complicated data simple.

Compare side-by-side trends in historical time intervals to get an immediate understanding of pattern changes and event correlations. Utilize powerful comparative values, such as waterfall compare, traceroute network compare, and comparative time.

Inspect every detail of an individual test run in one coherent view. Waterfalls deliver exceptional analysis power, allowing you to compare up to four distinct time intervals at once.

Catchpoint’s extensible data allows you to extract dynamic information in order to create custom metrics or automatically affect the behavior of your tests, APIs, and alerts. Bring deep-rooted issues to light by excavating internal data and delivering it into plain sight.

Stop guessing and get answers with advanced statistical options for calculations and visualizations. Understand why your performance varies at different thresholds, and analyze data with or without outliers impacting your results.

You’ve Got the Whole World in Your Hands

Use the world’s largest monitoring infrastructure to collect performance data
from across the globe on virtually every network and carrier.


Total Nodes






Mobile Wireless

Most Extensive Monitor Types for Complete Coverage

Harness the power of 14 different monitor types to collect the data you need most from your systems and infrastructure.

Monitor and measure your website utilizing Chrome or Internet Explorer.


Use Selenium script to monitor transactions with 1+ webpages and actions.


Monitor and measure your mobile site by loading 1+ mobile webpage actions.


Run queries continuously to recursively or directly measure your infrastructure.


Use a scripting language to run API transactions and measure performance.


Measure performance by establishing a connection and sending data.


Run ICMP, UDP, and TCP traceroutes to measure latency and packet loss.


Run ICMP, UDP, and TCP pings to measure issues with a specific server.


Measure request components, like buffering and bandwidth, of a stream.


Load a snippet of HTML to measure the downloading and rendering of HTML.


Monitor and measure the performance and availability of a remote FTP server.


Connect to an SMTP server to monitor a mail server, and send test emails.


Connecting to a host and port with the option to send request data.


Connect to and run Shell commands to measure performance of a server.

“Catchpoint’s new synthetic release offers enhanced analytics beyond what was already a strong product. With new charts like CDF and Time Comparison, we can dive deeper into our web performance data.” 
Bryan Einwalter, Director of eCommerce Performance Engineering for W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Integrate With Your Existing Tools

We take efficiency up a notch by supporting integrations with many of the tools you already use.
Experience the power of Catchpoint Synthetic with a free trial. No hardware or onsite installation is required.