User Experience Monitoring 
from Your Locations

Always Deliver Great User Experiences

24/7 synthetic monitoring gives you the power to detect performance issues before your users are impacted.

Discover Earlier

Catchpoint OnPrem Agent uses synthetic monitoring to discover issues earlier, like packet loss and slow services.

Manage Complexities

Cut through the complexities and dive deeper into your data to pinpoint problems across several layers, like your network and DNS, and vendors, such as cloud providers, SaaS providers, and ISPs.

Increase Profit

Troubleshooting can become a costly task when the IT insight you need is not onsite. Catchpoint OnPrem Agent can significantly reduce your IT costs by decreasing time to resolution.

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Flexible Deployment with Catchpoint OnPrem Agent

Catchpoint OnPrem Agent supports several use cases by simply deploying small hardware, servers, or virtual machines within your premises.

Advanced Monitoring Features

OnPrem Agent includes advanced monitoring features that will improve the daily functions of your business and boost productivity.

Create custom dashboards to tailor your monitoring solution to your specific needs. Several dashboards can be created to give each team a custom view. Use the public URLs to share performance charts with anyone.

Monitor the SaaS applications your company relies on for daily productivity. Also, our transaction testing uses Selenium scripts, allowing you to measure key workflows your employees must perform.

Troubleshooting is more efficient than ever with OnPrem Agent. Use a screenshot or traceroute to 
quickly decipher the source of any problem.

Our intuitive alerting infrastructure can alert on any metric captured and offers historical trailing thresholds and trend shift detection. The alert email includes screenshots, traceroute, and DNS traversal.

Get Clear Insight into Complex Issues

Don’t get lost in the intricacies of your data. Powerful visualizations make it easy to harness insights from the monitoring data.

Delve into your data using our vast charting capabilities.

Averages can’t be trusted and medians are not enough. Get immediate answers with advanced statistical options, like distribution heatmaps and CDF(Cumulative Distribution Function).

Compare side by side trends in historical time intervals to quickly understand pattern changes. Our performance charts allow you to compare up to four distinct time intervals.

Examine the detail of an individual test run in one comprehensive view. It provides superior analysis to onsite manual testing.

You’ve Got the Whole World in Your Hands

Use the world’s largest monitoring infrastructure to collect performance data
from across the globe on virtually every network and carrier.


Total Nodes






Mobile Wireless

More Monitor Types for Complete Coverage

Harness the power of 14 different monitor types to collect the data you need most from your systems and infrastructure.

Monitor and measure your website utilizing Chrome or Internet Explorer.


Use Selenium script to monitor transactions with 1+ webpages and actions.


Monitor and measure your mobile site by loading 1+ mobile webpage actions.


Run queries continuously to recursively or directly measure your infrastructure.


Use a scripting language to run API transactions and measure performance.


Measure performance by establishing a connection and sending data.


Run ICMP, UDP, and TCP traceroutes to measure latency and packet loss.


Run ICMP, UDP, and TCP pings to measure issues with a specific server.


Measure request components, like buffering and bandwidth, of a stream.


Load a snippet of HTML to measure the downloading and rendering of HTML.


Monitor and measure the performance and availability of a remote FTP server.


Connect to an SMTP server to monitor a mail server, and send test emails.


Connecting to a host and port with the option to send request data.


Connect to and run Shell commands to measure performance of a server.

“Maintaining efficiency within our call centers around the world, particularly in areas where connectivity is a challenge, has always been critical for us. We rely on Catchpoint’s rich synthetic monitoring tools, and with Catchpoint OnPrem Agents, we’ve extended those tools into our private network so we always know how our applications are responding in any of our locations around the world.” 
Michael P. Diliberto, CIO

Integrate With Your Existing Tools

We take efficiency up a notch by supporting integrations with many of the tools you already use.
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