OpsGenie Integration

OpsGenie Integration

Route alerts to the right people using a variety of communication methods with OpsGenie.

Improve Communication and Collaboration During Incidents

Ensuring the right people are notified of an incident can be challenging in today’s complex environment. Managing different contact preferences, escalation procedures, and alerts from different monitoring solutions can result in a critical alert being missed. Consolidating notifications, contact details, routing, and escalations can help organizations manage incidents better. With the Alert Webhook, Catchpoint alerts can be sent directly to OpsGenie to consolidate notifications and help reduce mean time to resolve (MTTR).

Reduce Alert Fatigue

On-call schedules and escalations notify the right people at the right time and can help eliminate alert fatigue.

Centralize Information

Reduce administrative overhead and enable users to manage all their notification preferences in a single place ensuring that critical alerts are not missed.

Reduce MTTR

Quickly route alerts to key stakeholders to resolve incidents faster.

OpsGenie Integration Guide

The very heart of the web performance monitoring industry to is help ensure quality of service of online systems. A vital part of achieving that goal is a robust alerting system that informs you of the widest possible variety of conditions, including:
• Availability of service and content
• Delivery speed and user experience
• Page size and number of requests
• Content validation
• JavaScript failures
• Thresholds applied to custom data sources
On top of that, a comprehensive alerting system within your monitoring platform must be able to offer different
thresholds and priorities for incidents that can occur within those various online systems such as time, occurrence, location, specific value, historical value, and statistical value. It’s with that goal of comprehensive analytics and alerting in mind that the Catchpoint portal will now include integration with OpsGenie.

OpsGenie delivers alerts with all the supporting information to the right people, enabling them to assess the incident and take appropriate actions rapidly. Email and SMS delivery times can be unpredictable. OpsGenie provides mobile apps to take advantage of push notifications technology and deliver notifications in near real time, and allows users to define
multiple notifications methods that can be used in succession.
Now, with the Catchpoint Alert Push API you can easily send custom alerts to the OpsGenie Platform.

Integration Steps

OpsGenie Setup

1. First create an Integration. In the OpsGenie portal add a new API Integration. Select your teams and recipients and make sure you check Enabled and rename the integration like this:

2. Copy the API key to the clipboard as you will need this when you configure the Catchpoint Push Alert API.

Catchpoint Setup

3. Login to the Catchpoint Portal and go to Settings -> API

4. In the Alerts API section paste in the OpsGenie API URL: https://api.opsgenie.com/v1/json/alert

5. The Alert format you need to choose is Template. Click Add New and you will be taken to the Edit Template window.
6. Give the Template a name and set the Format to Text.
7. The Template format must follow the OpsGenie API guidelines. At a minimum you need to include the API Key, message, and teams.
8. The text value can include Catchpoint Alert API Macros that will allow you to customize the Alert content. A full list of the Alert API macros can be found at https://support.catchpoint.com/hc/en-us/articles/202949959

 9. Save your template and save the API configuration.
10. If you have any alerts configured on your tests you will now see Catchpoint Alerts in the OpsGenie Portal.

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