Network Management

Network Management

Deliver exceptional performance, reduce network ops cost, and achieve business goals.

Monitor Performance of Critical Network Components with Precision

Digitalization is increasing infrastructure complexity—relying on the Internet and cloud to deliver your applications depends heavily on the behavior of network components. Poor performing network protocols or DNS can provoke widespread end-user dissatisfaction and negatively impact your bottom line. Catchpoint enables you to get the deepest and fastest insight on network performance issues before they disrupt your users’ experience, reducing network ops cost and achieving business goals.


Gain real-time visibility into performance and reliability of name servers, DNS resolvers, and external DNS providers. Ensure SLA accountability and detect DNS hijacking and poisoning early to reduce troubleshooting time.


Guarantee reachability by monitoring critical protocols such as TCP, NTP, and BGP inside your network and across the Internet. These proactive actions allow you to troubleshoot outages before your users are impacted.


Detect network instability in real time and correlate to routing changes, ISP health, and DDoS attacks to optimize network performance across critical applications.

Troubleshooting Network Protocols in a Complex Digital Environment

As network infrastructure grows in complexity, with multiple cloud vendors responsible for a single application, the risks to an organization increase. Knowing how critical network components are performing is key to delivering the best digital experience possible.

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"Catchpoint is particularly useful for taking internal testing right down to the web server level."

Malcolm Crouch, Senior NOC Manager, iPipeline

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